Here is the first really amigurumi. At first I’m just showing you some stuff I have made from others patterns as learning the thing. Later on you will be able to see more of my own creations. Stay tuned!

Meet Owlie. I actually made him last year but only now I managed to take the pictures. I like the way he looks in the snow.

I planned on taking shots in my mini studio-box but since the snow came down I had a better idea. I used my window ledge and it worked perfectly. The third floor window is high enough for the background to be indistinct.

The fellow itself is made of acrylic – yarn and stuffing, a little cotton fabric piece and a fleece piece (the beak) + the beads for eyes. You could use the safety-eyes too but there is nowhere to buy them smaller than 9mm in Estonia as much as I have seen. There are some wiggly-eyes attachable with glue but they don’t fit on everywhere and I don’t dare to use them on baby’s toys.

I like the neon green and bright red on him, the contrast looks neat. The flowery pattern calms it down just enough.

The pattern belongs to bitOwhimsy.

Feel free to comment either on the owl, amigurumi in general or maybe my blog appearance. I have some changes in mind but haven’t found the way to carry them out. Working on it!

PS! Notice the “+follow” button on the bottom. 😉


5 thoughts on “Owlie

  1. Thank you! I too am really fond of the snow. I guess I could pack a little up but I can’t say what would it be once you receive it. We’ve had it since Saturday and they say it doesn’t last more than a few days so I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

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