A chih.. um.. puppy!

This tiny fellow is only about 5cm tall. I really like small amigurumi and this happened to be the evening I decided I want to make and finish something. Only just I had also bought the creme brown-speckled yarn.

He was supposed to be a chihuahua (by Cute Amigurumi) but mine doesn’t  look like one in my opinion. Not that I’m complaining, I like that he just looks like a puppy. In my opinion a grown dog should be at least about 0.5m high (to its back).

It appeared he too liked to sit in the snow. Although I still made a few shots in the mini studio and in a small box with gnomes(?) printed inside.

He too is 100% of acrylic. I even decided to cut out the super-tiny parts from felt for the eyes as the wiggly ones didn’t suit at all! I also like how his little tongue sticks out on the top picture. Currently he has a home in the exact same box as in the middle there with some other amigurumi friends of his.


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