This is ETG or Extra Terrestrial Giraffe. Originally  it was yellow and brown as giraffes usually are but a) I didn’t have a good yellow, b) I never want my stuff to be exactly the same as someone else’s.

He is made 100% of cotton + the plastic bead eyes and some synthetic material ribbon as a bow-tie. He looks sharp and kind of solemn. He really is a fun guy.

As I referred, this too is not yet one of my own patterns. I am thinking the first of thoroughly my creations will surely come with instructions.

I really enjoyed making him as the G-B Wolle Bio-Baumwolle cotton yarn is utterly amazing. So smooth and firm at the same time. It is also a bit thicker kind of cotton yarn than the ones I usually find. So far whenever I wanted to make something bigger (say with a 3mm hook) I had to switch to acrylic. Cotton feels so much better and suits more to toys as well. My current favourite yarn.

Do any of you have a specific kind of yarn/product you like to use and work with?


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