Gily-girl doll.

I am completely hopeless in making up names. Nothing ever seems right to fit if anything comes up at all. In other words I guess I’m declaring out kind of a name-making contest here – if you have ideas then don’t be shy to tell.

This is the chiquita I made from Wayuki’s pattern. There are some variations for making two. I mixed them up a bit and she got to see the light of day.

Made of 100% cotton with 2mm hook plus some wiggly plastic eyes and ribbons as bows.

To tell the truth these positions of her on the pictures are the only ones she can do on her own. Besides lying down. Her extra long and slim legs are just not sturdy enough to keep her up. She really looks and feels fragile to handle, just so tall and thin.

She has white tunic-dress, white “boots” and pink “stockings”. The last are not so easily distinctive but the color changes should mark them. The hair is stitched on the head along the middle line. I decided she needed some kind of accent so I added the purple ribbons. What do you think?

I quite like the way she turned out. I guess she is none the kind practical and I’m not even sure if she is playable (for children) but nevertheless I think I succeeded here.


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