Many of you may have already met this fellow. His name is Toothless and can be seen on an animation movie “How to Train Your Dragon“. I really enjoyed seeing it and once I stumbled upon the crochet pattern of Toothless aka Night Fury I absolutely knew I had to make one. I gifted him away but he still stays rather close to me.

The pattern belongs to Sarselgurumi. I just made a little change crocheting one tail fin with red yarn (as the prosthetic) and also included two “straps”. I really hurried with the pictures as I didn’t want him to get too snowy and wet and forgot to take a shot of the tail in details. You can still give a glimpse of it in the blur. 🙂

He is made of 100% acrylics – yarns, stuffing and the felt pieces as eyes.

I really like him. Maybe it’s because I am kind of a dragon myself (according to Chinese Astrology). Secondly it seems particularly appropriate for the Year of Dragon although he was finished far back in august. These are still the very first pictures of him.

I think he actually enjoyes being in the snow, don’t you?!

Happy Year of the Dragon!


2 thoughts on “Toothless.

    1. I simply switched the colour to red and added two chains around the tail for the straps. That’s about it how I remember it as I made it quite a long ago. If you have any more questions regarding it let me know and I’ll take it a further look! ^_^

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