Why tere is a friendly face. Not the best kind of pictures but the best I have managed to get of her. She doesn’t neither on my window pane nor in my mini studio-box.  Maybe someday I will somehow get some better ones. I’ll definitely show them then. Maybe when there is enough temperature and light just to take her outside.

She is the largest of amigurumies I have ever made. Haven’t measured but approximately 45cm if I may guess. She is made of a soft acrylic/viscose yarn. Can’t put the name on it but it feels quite good in hand and is easy to work with. Maybe if I could find the label I’ll tell you.

The pattern is from Stitch. I had it bookmarked for a very long time as I didn’t had the kind of yarn I wanted her to be made of. I had a great luck with these materials finding on sale in a basically grocery store. Although, I now remember (as I don’t have her with me at the moment) the purple, orange and white yarn are actually cotton. The purple one is somewhat thicker and white one finer but as I used the same crochet hook all along it looks just fine. I remember thinking that I’d have liked the dress to be made of some finer yarn but then it wouldn’t have fit as it is quite snug already.

According to the pattern the purple trims should be done the same way as the orange on the shoes but I didn’t get it while I was doing it in the first place. It didn’t look bad enough to tear it up though. Although I have been thinking more than once that maybe they should be the same way after all I have been to lazy to take any actions. I also remember I removed the “thumbs” as I couldn’t make them to look neat enough. I think she looks just fine without them.

I like that she always has some clothes on. I guess you could crochet the clothes in separate pieces but that just might be too bulky. The brown yarn for the hair is a cotton from the same line as the purple one. I used almost all of the skein. At first I had it tied with two strands of the yellow yarn but once I bought some ribbon I gave her the bow-ties too. As you may have seen some on the other fellows I have made. I also added ribbons and ties on her stockings in kind of a lacy way.

The eyes are the only safety eyes I have used as she has been the only one big enough to carry them out. The mouth I embroidered with some red yarn piece and the buttons are actually wooden beads – bigger on the shoes/slippers and smaller on the dress. They came with some sort of vintage lamp-shade making kit I once thrifted.

I like making really tiny amigurumi and I thin they look adorable. I really like that they get finished almost always on the same day I started them. I like that I can make many of them with same supplies. Saying all this I still think that she over here is one of the best work I have done. I am really pleased with the results. I used many skeins of yarn almost fully and used many hours working on her. She just is somehow special for me. And she deserves better pictures than these!

This is the final piece I made pictures of on that day. I have some more items but not all of them look neat enough as they are the ones I started making amigurumies with. Next one should be one of my own patterns if everything goes on according to plan.


2 thoughts on “Mellony.

  1. Thank you! I so agree you. At the beginning I actually planned on giving her away but haven’t really got there. Maybe someday, maybe never.

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