Yoda the Jedi Master.

Here it is – my first amigurumi pattern! I would have liked to use black safety eyes but as I have found none small enough in Estonia I used what I had. I really like the way he came out as this really is my first personal pattern. I decided it was the time as for I had been making amigurumi from patterns about a year+ now.

I should note that this is an untested pattern. So if there is any kind of misunderstandings then just let me know and I’ll try to work that out. I am just really exited about posting my own real pattern for the first time. I hope someone else likes it as much as I do. You can use the pattern as many times as you like for personal use but I’d really appreciate a relating link etc to my blog here. Also I should probably tell that the pattern is in US terminology. I have not used many UK patterns so far and am not so familiar with their terminology so if you could tell me the stitches names in UK I could add them at least to the abbreviations.

I have no pictures of the WIP or the details but I will be happy to help you if there is anything mysterious written down. You can see the bigger picture by clicking on it, though.

Have fun making your own Yoda!

For YODA you’ll need:

  • Green yarn
  • Beige yarn
  • Brown yarn (tiny bit for his belt)
  • Toy eyes
  • Stuffing
  • A small craft/paper ball for his head (approx 2cm in diameter)
  • Crochet hook – a bit smaller than you would normally use with the kind of yarn you choose (I used a 3mm hook with a yarn that recommended 4-5mm hook)
  • Large-eyed blunt needle


  • Sc – single crochet
  • Sl st – slip stitch
  • Ch – chain stitch
  • 1+1 – two stitches into one stitch, increase
  • 2-1 – crochet two stitches together, decrease
  • Dc – double crochet
  • Trc – triple crochet
  • 3dc puff – crochet 3 dc’s into one stitch but pull the last yarn through all of them so there would be no increase
  • 3trc puff – crochet 3trc’s into one stitch but pull the last yarn through all of them so there would be no increase
  • ** – repeat between the marks
  • BLO – back loops only
  • FO – finish off
  • (0) – total stitches in round/row


With green (head):

  1. Sc 6 in a circle
  2. *1+1sc*repeat around (12)
  3. *sc, 1+1sc* repeat around (18)
  4. *2sc, 1+1sc* repeat around (24)
  5. 24sc
  6. 24sc
  7. *2sc, 2-1sc* repeat around (18)

Insert ball.

  1. *1sc, 2-1sc* repeat around (12)
  2. 12sc

With beige (body):

  1. *sc, 1+1sc* repeat around (18)
  2. 18sc
  3. 4sc, 1+1sc, 8sc, 1+1sc, 4sc (20)

With brown (belt):

  1. 20sc

With beige:

  1. 20sc
  2. 4sc, 1+1sc, 1+1sc, 8sc, 1+1sc, 1+1sc, 4sc (24)
  3. 24sc
  4. 24sc

With green: (toes):

  1. BLO 4sc, 2-1sc, 2-1sc, 3dc puff, 2sc, 3dc puff, 2-1sc, 2-1sc, 4sc (20)
  2. 3sc, 2-1sc, 2-1sc, 6sc, 2-1sc, 2-1sc, 3sc (16)

Add stuffing.

  1. *2-1sc* repeat around (8)
  2. 2sc, 2-1sc, 2sc, 2-1sc (6)

FO, weave in ends

Ear (make two)

With green:

  1. ch7
  2. 2.       second from hook: sc, dc, 2 trc, dc, sc (6),

FO, leave long ends for sewing

Hand (make two)

With green (hand):

  1. sc 6 into ring
  2. 6 sc

With beige (sleeve):

  1. -7. 6sc

FO, stuff the ends in for filling

Cloak (optional)

With beige:

  1. Ch 14
  2. Sc in second ch from hook, sc 12 (13)
  3. 1+1sc, 11sc, 1+1sc (15) (increase in both ends)
  4. Sc 15
  5. 1+1sc, 13sc, 1+1sc (17)
  6. Sc 17
  7. 1+1sc, 15sc, 1+1sc (19)

Crochet up the side:

  • Sc9
  • Ch 7
  • Sl st in other corner of cloak
  • Sc on side
  • Sl st 7 on the row of chains
  • Sc on side
  • Sl st 7 on row of sl sts’
  • Sc9 down the other side
  • FO, weave in ends


You will need:

  • (neon) green yarn/thread for the blade
  • Grey yarn/thread for the handle
  • Toothpick
  • Super glue
  • Sharp knife/scissors
  1. Cut off the sharp ends of the toothpick
  2. Attach green yarn on the pick with glue
  3. Wind the yarn tightly around the pick until you have about 1cm uncovered
  4. Glue yarn end on the toothpick
  5. Attach gray yarn to the bare part
  6. Wind the yarn around, covering the yarn ends
  7. Add glue to the end of yarn, roll it around carefully, not to glue your fingers


  1. Sew hands on both sides of the body
  2. Sew ears on sides of the head
  3. Add toy eyes
  4. Make a few stitches around the eyes for eyelids
  5. Stitch a mouth
  6. Add cloak
  7. Extend a hole in Yoda’s hand and put the Lightsaber in there

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