Crafter..oo Pinterest Challenge: March.

As I mentioned, my initial “March” didn’t actually work as I would have liked so I made another one next to it.

Here is the pin for the failed attempt.

And an image too:

He looks kind of creepy doesn’t he!?

And the pin for the second attempt.

Plus the image:

Yes, you have already seen her. I just forgot to mention she had a pin too to inspire me – I have long wanted to make something traditional (thus the goldfish too as the matter of fact).




This is the second Star Wars character I made. His name is Ewok and that’s basically all I know. It was also part of the combo I gifted for my big brother. As a bonus the tutorial of making the spear is also added here.

It was most fun making him. I studied the pictures hard and tried to find a way to compliment him the most. I think he is quite recognizable.

The special thing was crating the spear. I searched for some perfect tiny pebbles and used up a couple of toothpicks and some thread. It really turned out better than I had hoped.

The pattern is in US terminology and the measures are in metric.

Feel free to use this pattern refer back. I would love to see how your Ewoks turned out!

You need:

  • Brown (furry) yarn
  • Orange yarn (I used it a bit finer than on the body but with the same hook)
  • Beige yarn (for his hands and toes)
  • Toy eyes
  • Toy animal nose
  • A small craft/paper ball for his head (approx 2cm in diameter)
  • stuffing
  • Crochet hook – a bit smaller than you would normally use with the kind of yarn you choose (I used a 3mm hook with a yarn that recommended 4-5mm hook)
  • Large-eyed blunt needle


  • Sc – single crochet
  • Sl st – slip stitch
  • Ch – chain stitch
  • 1+1 – two stitches into one stitch, increase
  • 2-1 – crochet two stitches together, decrease
  • Dc – double crochet
  • Trc – triple crochet
  • 3dc puff – crochet 3 dc’s into one stitch but pull the last yarn through all of them so there would be no increase
  • 3trc puff – crochet 3trc’s into one stitch but pull the last yarn through all of them so there would be no increase
  • ** – repeat between the marks
  • BLO – back loops only
  • FO – finish off
  • (0) – total stitches in round/row


With brown:

  1. Sc 6 in a circle
  2. *1+1sc*repeat around (12)
  3. *sc, 1+1sc* repeat around (18)
  4. *2sc, 1+1sc* repeat around (24)
  5. 24sc
  6. 24sc
  7. *2sc, 2-1sc* repeat around (18)

Insert ball.

  1. *1sc, 2-1sc* repeat around (12)
  2. 12sc
  3. *sc, 1+1sc* repeat around (18)
  4. 18sc
  5. *2sc, 1+1sc* repeat around (24)
  6. – 19. 24sc

With beige (toes):

  1.  BLO 4sc, 2-1sc, 2-1sc, 3dc puff, 2sc, 3dc puff, 2-1sc, 2-1sc, 4sc (20)
  2. 3sc, 2-1sc, 2-1sc, 6sc, 2-1sc, 2-sc, 3sc (16)

Add stufing.

  1. *2-1sc* repeta around (8)
  2. 2sc, 2-1sc, 2sc, 2-1sc (6),

FO, weave in ends.

Hand (make two)

With beige (fingers):

  1.  6sc

With brown:

  1. – 8. 6sc

FO, leave ends as a stuffing in hands.


With orange:

  1. Sc 6 in a circle
  2. *1+1sc*repeat around (12)
  3. *sc, 1+1sc* repeat around (18)
  4. *2sc, 1+1sc* repeat around (24)
  5. *3sc, 1+1sc* repeat around (30)

From here on work in rows ( for the face opening)

  1. 12sc, ch, turn, 24sc, ch, turn, 12sc (24+24 – two rows in total)
  2. 12sc, ch, turn, 24sc, ch, turn, 12sc (24+24 – two rows in total)

Now in circles again:

  1. 12sc, ch 6, 12sc (30)
  2. *3sc, 2-1sc* repeta around (24)
  3. 24sc

Now again in rows (the back flap part of the hat):

  1. 6sc, ch, turn, 12sc, ch, turn, skip one sc, 5sc (23 stitcheson last row, two rows in total)
  2. 5sc, sl st, ch, turn, skip one sc, 9sc, sl st, ch, turn skip one sc, 4sc (20 stitches on last row, two rows in total)

Next row continues on the side of the back flap reaching to the front side of the hat:

  1. 4sc, 4sc to the ends of previous rows, 12sc, ch, turn (20)
  2. Skip one sc, 8sc, ch, turn (8)
  3. 7sc, sl st, ch, turn (8)
  4. Skip one sc, 6sc, sl st, ch, turn (7)
  5. 5sc, ch, turn (5)
  6. Skip one sc, 4sc, sl st, ch, turn (5)

Next row continues on the side of the front flap reaching to the back side of the hat and the last row ends at the front again:

  1. Skip one sc, 3sc, 8sc to the ends of previous rows, 4sc (on the back flap)(15)
  2. 16sc, 5sc on the side, sl st (22)

FO, weave in ends

Optional: Join yarn to the topp right corner of the face opening:

  1. 6sc to the ends of the rows, 5sc, 6ksc to the ends of rows, 6sc, sl st into first stitch (23)

FO, weave in ends.

Ewok’s spear

  • 2 toothpicks
  • A bit of thread (greyish)
  • Small stone/chip
  • Superglue
  • Tape
  • Sharp knife/scissors
  1. Cut one sharp end off of one toothpick and both from the other
  2. Glue the two pieces together with flat ends
  3. Wrap the connection with a tiny piece of tape
  4. Wait a bit for the glue to dry
  5. Stick the sharp end through Ewok’s hand so that the join would be right below it (sharp end at the topp)
  6. Secure thread with glue to the join part
  7. Cover the tape with thread (wrap)
  8. Cut the thread and secure the ohter end also with glue (carefully not to stick fingers)
  9. Secure the thread right above the hand
  10. wrap a litte around there as the ohter side of the handle
  11. secure ohter end with glue
  12. glue the stone/chip to the sharp end of the spear
  13. secure thread to the stone
  14. wrap a bit of it around the stone like a fastening
  15. secure last end with glue

PS! Please, let me know if there is any fouls in the pattern as it is not yet tested by anyone else.

PPS! Can anyone tell why this picture can’t be enlarged like in the previous posts?

Crafter..oo! Pinterest Challenge 2012: February.

This is not a typo. I have just been a lazy blogger lately. As the matter of fact I actually thought I missed February thinking on the Crafter..oo! Pinterest Challenge but then I remembered I made a Tunisian crochet cowl that I gifted away before taking any pictures. Only recently I discovered I had actually made another one which was really beside me all that time. It is a no-sew bag made of an old t-shirt.

Here is my pin that holds 20 different things you can make from t-shirts. I tried to link to the tutorial too but the page seems to be down. This is how mine looks like.

All you have to do is cut off the sleeves and widen the neck hole. From the off-cut pieces cut a string and line it into the bottom tunnel (sure there is a proper term for that in English too). If you use only one string there will be a hole in the middle but if you separate it into 3-4 sections it will be pretty tight, I used four.

I made the bag from an old Tallinn Student Days t-shirt that was from my very first one of them and it really gave the kick for the whole student-life of mine. As the result I really got myself into volunteering in many organizing groups and I got the best experiences in event preparations which most of them really outweighed the stuff I was taught in the lectures.

One thing I could have done is that I should have cut the handles smaller. It can now fit on my shoulder but the bag part is rather shallow. It feels nice and soft though, fits a towel nicely so I think it would make a nice beach bag.