Crafter..oo! Pinterest Challenge 2012: February.

This is not a typo. I have just been a lazy blogger lately. As the matter of fact I actually thought I missed February thinking on the Crafter..oo! Pinterest Challenge but then I remembered I made a Tunisian crochet cowl that I gifted away before taking any pictures. Only recently I discovered I had actually made another one which was really beside me all that time. It is a no-sew bag made of an old t-shirt.

Here is my pin that holds 20 different things you can make from t-shirts. I tried to link to the tutorial too but the page seems to be down. This is how mine looks like.

All you have to do is cut off the sleeves and widen the neck hole. From the off-cut pieces cut a string and line it into the bottom tunnel (sure there is a proper term for that in English too). If you use only one string there will be a hole in the middle but if you separate it into 3-4 sections it will be pretty tight, I used four.

I made the bag from an old Tallinn Student Days t-shirt that was from my very first one of them and it really gave the kick for the whole student-life of mine. As the result I really got myself into volunteering in many organizing groups and I got the best experiences in event preparations which most of them really outweighed the stuff I was taught in the lectures.

One thing I could have done is that I should have cut the handles smaller. It can now fit on my shoulder but the bag part is rather shallow. It feels nice and soft though, fits a towel nicely so I think it would make a nice beach bag.


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