Green Celestine Ball.

I just discovered I had uploaded the picture and everything but just hadn’t added the post about my crochet Celestine Ball. The pattern is from Berroco.

I had started it a long ago but once I run out of yarn it kind of just stood there even if I had bought plenty of spare.

I also added it to our Estonian local Isetegija forum thread for a colour spectre (each month resembles a colour in which the work must be done), but since the registration had ended they took my picture down. I even asked why such rules but never got any answer.

I guess they just don’t like new members to take part of stuff. I mean, the project lasts for a whole year! There is apparently also a general rule of the forum that doesn’t apply here that registrations last until one week before the end of the project.  There is lots of rules there and I sure haven’t got all of them since I joined a few weeks ago. To be honest that’s why it took me time to register – was kind of afraid of the over regulations.

At the moment my expectations have not let me down but I still feel like wanting to take a place in a local crafting community as well and as much as I have researched this is pretty much the only local craft forum that is active at all times. I guess getting to know how the system works and getting used to it just takes time.

I should add that I meant nothing personal by saying this, if anyone who reads this should feel a little offended. If I wanted to make a scandal I would have shouted it out in some other place, after all. Just felt like adding another story to a project here.

Anywho, I decided to follow my own spectre here. This is the kind of different-looking ball I had submitted. I really like it, it’s quite often when this exact ball is being simply thrown around and having fun with!

So this is April (in the very last minute) and Green:


Scaled purse.

One day when I was thinking what should be my next project, I just couldn’t decide. I tried to find something from my Pinterest boards but nothing. Then I just went over a local craft forum and put two and two together. There was a make-along thread for a bag/purse and I had pinned Bernat designs Mermaid Tears Purse. I hit two birds with one stone and started making my first crochet bag (I think).


The original version used 5.5mm to 4mm crochet hooks but I took a finer yarn and so a 3mm hook. Thus the purse came a bit tinier and I decided the original handles wouldn’t fit. After a bit of considerations I decided to chain some gaps in the top edge for them. I also added an oval bottom-piece and reinforced it with a thick piece of cardboard. That also stated it needed a lining and I hand-sew a piece of cotton fabric along with a vintage piece of trimming tape.


I thought about adding some beads to the tips of some of the “tears” and a long chain for the strap but then changed my mind and decided to keep it as it is. What do you think – would it look better with some additions or not? Here are some rainy-day images:



Double puppies.

These two charming ladies were made as a commission from my new Facebook page. They were the first I made for a person I actually didn’t know! It was so awesome!

I think I started Monday night and finished the first one on Thursday. The second one I started after that and finished by Saturday evening. It took a bit time to figure out how exactly to make all the details but take a look at yourself and compare. Also the furry ears were something I knew I had to make – took some testing and this is the result. Here is Mia, the one who was the model for me on these following pictures.

Will post a picture of all of them together soon!

Mini minion.

Since Despicable Me 2 is coming and I can’t seem to get over the trailer I thought it was time to create my own minion pattern.

Once again I wanted it to be as simple as possible an in this case – tiny as well. I made it using a 3mm crochet hook and it measures up about 6cm, the width is about 1,5 – 2cm.

I attached a key ring chain to it in order to make it usable as well.


You will need tiny amounts of yellow, blue, grey and black yarn + some filling and an eye or two. The key ring chain is optional.


Make your own Mini Minion like so:

1. Using yellow single crochet 6 into magic circle

2. single crochet 2 in all stitches around (12 st in total).

3. – 8. single crochet around (12)

9. single crochet around changing colours like this:  3 yellow, 1 blue, 1 yellow, 1 blue, 3 yellow, 1 blue, 1 yellow, 1 blue.

10  – 12. single crochet in blue around (12)

13. single crochet all stitches together around (6)

14. using black yarn single crochet around in back loops only (6)

finish off


Using yellow yarn chain 3 and finish off, make two like this.

Attach them as hands on the sides of the body (in the 1 yellow between the blues on row 9).  I only sew the hands from both ends so the middle part is kind of just floating.

Wrap a little black yarn around the bottom parts of the hands to make gloves.


Place the eye or eyes.

Chain long enough strip with grey yarn to fit around the eye and sew it in place. In case of two eyes make that double.

Chain long enough strip with black yarn to reach from one side of the goggle(s) to the other. Sew it in place.


TIP! If you don’t have such black and white wiggly eyes or anything similar you can use pieces of black and white felt instead!


Don’t forget to tuck all the tail ends inside!


Now you have made start with your own little minion army!



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Here is a rabbit I made the other night. Actually it took almost a whole day before that.

Made it with my new 100% Egyptian Cotton yarn and used a 2mm crochet hook. It is a little more painful for the fingers to use finer yarn as the fabric has to be quite firm but it is always worth the effort. In the end it feels and looks just great.

I included a flower I had done earlier that didn’t fit where it was first supposed to go. She looks rather adorable with it.

I also just measured her 7cm from bottom to the top of the head as she really can’t stand up and has to sit all the time. She is rather comfortable in that as the feet and tail really support each other well.

I really do enjoy making them and it always makes me happy to see a nicely finished product! Wouldn’t you like to create your own?

Red Fire-Dragon.

Here is another Dragon I made. I made it for a Crafter..oo competition and got inspired by Umi-cha in DeviantART.

I finished it quite a few days ago now but have been struggling to get a decent enough picture. This is one from the last session and I say it has to do!

The pattern I just made up on the go, except the wings which I got from a book. This should be the English version of it.  Making a curvy shape is trickier than it might appear but I think I managed to pull it off.


Kokeshi Doll: Free Pattern.

Hi everyone!

I thought I should give a try on a photographed tutorial on an amigurumi pattern. As an introduction I chose a traditional Japanese kokeshi doll. It’s made of 100% bio-cotton yarn but you can use any you like. Just remember to take a hook a bit smaller than recommended.

In addition you can use safety eyes but I opted for embroidered ones. You can also find any ways you like for decorating her hair and kimono, for example embroidery. I really don’t want to put any markings here actually.

The work goes in spiral so I suggest to use a marker (for example a piece of contrasting yarn) and move it at the beginning of each row.

All suggestions are welcome I’m not even sure if the pictures are in any help but I would sure like to know!

If you make your own kokeshi doll I would love you to share it here!

Amigurumi Kokeshi Doll by AmiCrafter

you need: 

white yarn for head

any colour yarn for the kimono

black yarn for hair

small amounts of black and red embroidery floss for the face

crochet hook a bit small for the yarn

large eyed blunt needle

some fibrefill


safety eyes

pellets for the bottom of the body for her to stand up better – if I had any I would have probably used them!

decorations for the hair and kimono 


Use WHITE yarn.

round1:  single crochet (sc) 6 into magic circle, place marker.

round2: sc 2 in each stitch (12 stitches in total), move marker.

round3: *sc 2 in one, sc* repeat between ** around (18), move marker.

round4: *sc 2 in one, 2 sc* repeat between ** around (24), move marker.

round5-9: sc around (24), move marker.

if you use safety-eyes place them now. it’s easier if you have the hair ready first, though.

round10: *sc 2 together, 2 sc* repeat between ** around (18), move marker.

round11: *sc 2 together, sc*repeat between ** around (12), move marker.

add fibrefill

round12: sc around (12), for the last stitch, as you can see on the picture, I have left it incomplete. change the yarn for the kimono colour and pull the last loop through with it so the colours will stay in line. Move the marker.

Continue with DRESS COLOUR yarn.

round 13: *sc 2 in one, sc* repeat between ** around (18), move marker.

round 14:  sc around (18), move marker.

round 15: *sc 2 in one, 2 sc* repeat between ** around (24), move marker.

round 16 – 19: sc around (24), move marker.

round 20: *sc 2 together, 2 sc* repeat between ** around (18), move marker.

round 21 – 25: sc around (18), move marker.

round 26: through back loops only: *sc 2 together, sc* repeat between ** around (12), move marker. this creates a corner to the bottom so she could stand up better.


round 27: sc 2 together around (6), finish off, leave tail for sewing the tail. During that try to pull the tiny hole tight. 


round1:  single crochet (sc) 6 into magic circle, place marker.

round2: sc 2 in each stitch (12), move marker.

round3: *sc 2 in one, sc* repeat between ** around (18), move marker.

round4: *sc 2 in one, 2 sc* repeat between ** around (24), move marker.

round 5 – 8: sc around (24), move marker.

round 9: sc 14, chain 1, turn. from here on it goes in rows. I’ll continue the numbering but state how it goes. 

row 10 – 13: sc 14, chain 1, turn.

In the end of row 13 continue to the sides of the rows and sc 4, sc 10 on the 8th round, sc 4 on the other sides of rows 10-13. finish off, weave in tails.


round1:  single crochet (sc) 6 into magic circle, place marker.

round2: sc 2 in each stitch (12), move marker.

round 3-4: sc around (12).

finish off, leave long tail for sewing on the hair piece, stuff with fibrefill.

use large-eyed blunt needle and sew the 12 stitches of the last round of the bun onto the 12 stitches of the second round of the hair piece.

I completed the hair with a simple bow.


to embroider he face take a long enough piece of black embroidery floss, make a knot in the tail and put it in the back of her head (which will be under her hair afterwards).

try on the hair and look for the best place for the eyes.

do the same with a piece of red embroidery floss and her lips.

bring the tail ends back in behind her hair.

make a knot in the other ends as well. tuck the ends in, I used the help of the back of my crochet hook.

The rest is really up to you – decorate the hair and kimono according to your taste.