Scaled purse.

One day when I was thinking what should be my next project, I just couldn’t decide. I tried to find something from my Pinterest boards but nothing. Then I just went over a local craft forum and put two and two together. There was a make-along thread for a bag/purse and I had pinned Bernat designs Mermaid Tears Purse. I hit two birds with one stone and started making my first crochet bag (I think).


The original version used 5.5mm to 4mm crochet hooks but I took a finer yarn and so a 3mm hook. Thus the purse came a bit tinier and I decided the original handles wouldn’t fit. After a bit of considerations I decided to chain some gaps in the top edge for them. I also added an oval bottom-piece and reinforced it with a thick piece of cardboard. That also stated it needed a lining and I hand-sew a piece of cotton fabric along with a vintage piece of trimming tape.


I thought about adding some beads to the tips of some of the “tears” and a long chain for the strap but then changed my mind and decided to keep it as it is. What do you think – would it look better with some additions or not? Here are some rainy-day images:




6 thoughts on “Scaled purse.

    1. Thank you! It stood a couple of days without the trim and seemed like it was not done yet. I found that it added the finishing touches the purse needed.
      I checked out your blog – looking forward to see all the crafty creations there too! 😛

  1. Vahva kott ! Krokodillimuster on tore ja vaadates Sinupoolselt lisatud vÀrvimÀngu muutub jÀrjest ahvatlevamaks.

    1. Ma tĂ€nan vĂ€ga! VĂ€rvid kujunesid kuidagi iseenesest ja endalegi ĂŒllatuseks oli tulemus pĂ€ris kift. Ikkagi (teadaolevalt) esimene pĂ€ris ise heegeldatud kott! ^.^

  2. VÀga kaunis kott ja huvitav muster. Kas selle mustri tegemise Ôpetus on saadaval ka kusagil?

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