Green Celestine Ball.

I just discovered I had uploaded the picture and everything but just hadn’t added the post about my crochet Celestine Ball. The pattern is from Berroco.

I had started it a long ago but once I run out of yarn it kind of just stood there even if I had bought plenty of spare.

I also added it to our Estonian local Isetegija forum thread for a colour spectre (each month resembles a colour in which the work must be done), but since the registration had ended they took my picture down. I even asked why such rules but never got any answer.

I guess they just don’t like new members to take part of stuff. I mean, the project lasts for a whole year! There is apparently also a general rule of the forum that doesn’t apply here that registrations last until one week before the end of the project.  There is lots of rules there and I sure haven’t got all of them since I joined a few weeks ago. To be honest that’s why it took me time to register – was kind of afraid of the over regulations.

At the moment my expectations have not let me down but I still feel like wanting to take a place in a local crafting community as well and as much as I have researched this is pretty much the only local craft forum that is active at all times. I guess getting to know how the system works and getting used to it just takes time.

I should add that I meant nothing personal by saying this, if anyone who reads this should feel a little offended. If I wanted to make a scandal I would have shouted it out in some other place, after all. Just felt like adding another story to a project here.

Anywho, I decided to follow my own spectre here. This is the kind of different-looking ball I had submitted. I really like it, it’s quite often when this exact ball is being simply thrown around and having fun with!

So this is April (in the very last minute) and Green:


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