Planning and/or dreaming.

I have been working on a couple of projects at the moment. Two of them are done and need to be photographed, one is in progress and another two need to be started asap. I really feel bad for blogging so rarely but this is how it tends to go as you try to make things from the side of your day job. I sure am giving my best and try to write at least one post a week.

There’s also a couple of old projects of which I have written down the patterns. Plus some really old projects that I have discovered have never been posted and/or photographed at all.

I would like to get my stuff more organized so I could make more but I think 24 hours a day is just too few for that.

This month in Isetegija colour spectrum (this should be the actual word for that!) is pink which. I’m not very thrilled of it. I’m not very thrilled of pink at all. I could choose another colour as it is actually my own challenge I’m following but I decided not to. I think it just adds to the challenge. So pink it is. I know I have made one (singly quite pathetic) thing that is part of a project that includes a bunch of other colours so if nothing else comes up I’ll post that. The “other” project I mentioned is for the Crafter..oo! Pinterest challenge. I might again hit two birds with one stone but this time I’d prefer not to.

A lot of writing about nothing very much. Next post will be better and will include some imaging.


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