One long time ago I promised Kerry to make her an amigurumi greyhound. So I did. Meanwhile being off from my crafty spot etc I finally managed to take a picture of it.

I used a pattern as I had no particular idea of neither how to make the body shape nor the thin legs. I was not very pleased with the result as the legs looked a bit funny and something was just not quite right. So I wanted to make a new one. This didn’t happen.

I practically didn’t make anything at all for at least a month (maybe even more, not sure). I tried on finishing or adding on some WIP cause it really bothered me I couldn’t craft. Not sure why. Some projects did get finished after all.

For the last few days I have felt a bit better in that so I think I’m soon back in business. Gradually making photos of the amigurumies none of you have never seen yet.

Here is the first greyhound. Sooo sorry for the delay, Kerry.

You can say this one is ready for shipping but I’m not quite sure about the neatness. Reminds me of a saying of Buddy of Cake Boss – when in doubt – throw it away. It was about cakes but my guess is it goes with everything handmade. Or maybe it’s just me being a perfectionist.


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