Some more bunnies.

I have made an addition to my little rabbits family. First there was one now there is more.

The top left one is made of SMC Catania 100% merised cotton, fibrefill and safety eyes/nose and I used a 2mm hook.

The top right one is made of a 100% and Drops Safran 100% Egyptian cotton including the same stuffing and detail as the previous one. Also used the same crochet hook.

The bottom left one is made of Bio-Baumwolle 100% eco-cotton and an amzingly soft 100% cornfibre yarn called PopCorn. I also included some fabric details to make a little accent and the same usual eyes/nose/stuffing. This one is made, I believe, with 2.75mm or maybe 3mm crochet hook so it makes a little bigger figure than the top two. You can tell it a little by the relevance ofte eyes size if you look carefully.

The last but not least one is made of Luxury Cotton yarn that is 50% cotton, 45% viscose and 5% silk and Rowan Purelife that is 36% recycled silk, 36% recycled cotton and 28% recycled viscose. Some little spots of another kind of fabric added here. The rest is the same as the previous one again.

So much of the technical part.

I think it was the summer why I basically had no posts at all. I have some things ready to show you in near future and some projects in progress. Most of them is, of course, amigurumies but there are some exceptions.

There was a local craft community event, a craft forums 7th birthday to be exact. There was some cake and some exhibitions, a  knitting challenge and my favourite – swedish weaving workshop. I had admired Undukas‘ work for a while and had planned trying it out on my own anyway but as the oppurtunity opened at 10-15min walk away from me I couldn’t just stay aside.

I was more than thrilled and will show you the result soon. Nothing too flashy but it’s a start. Who knows if or when I had tried it out on my own but now I think you can say I am caught. Definately going to shop some more waffle fabric towels and will let my kneedle flow. I could also buy just fabric but as I don’t own a sewing machine the ready-made towels alre much easier.

I am also working on a project in the same craft community that is a colour pack change. It means everyone had told their favourite colour and then someone will make a pack for them including only selfmade stuff in that coulour. My recpient’s style seems not too far off of mine but the colour is one of the colours that is the least seen on or around me ever that is not pink. I read her blog and made some studies and have some WIPs and ideas but it’s hard. I mean I want to make stuff that I would want myself but if the colour is just so wrong and not me – it takes the imagination. I can do it – its a challenge and I like them.

Another thing I am trying to do is a tutorial for the forums Advent Calendar. I think it’s supposed to be something cute yet easy to make as you’ll have a new one the next day. I have some ideas and just started working on last night. I hope it works out cause the image in my head is pretty cool. Sometimes it just is that you have to make some corrections in order to amigurumize real thing.

There are some more work-alongs in the community that I’d like to take part of but don’t dare as I’m not sure I can finish them in time. We’ll see. I think I have finally things really in hand again now and this place should stay alive for a while now. I’m not even trying to post every day but I am trying to keep them as regular as possible. Deadlines are not my best friends but where there are deadlines there will be another ones later as well.

Oh, if anyone happens to know Estonian as well check this out – a super chance for getting in hold of one of the bunnies seen above.

See you soon!


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