It’s yet ANOTHER challenge. I know I have started some earlier this year and they were kind of neglected. I have considered making all the stuff I was supposed to make for my colours challenge and the Pinterest challenge but I haven’t decided yet if this would be OK. I mean in I failed the challenge then it’s failed. On the other hand in my heart I still want to make things goog again.

I have a few commissions in making that I must work on first. After which I might take a look for the missed challenges – what I should have done and what I could do now. Considering the time limitation etc.

This new challenge is about blogging at least one post each day for a whole month. As I only found out about it today I might continue it until 5th November. If I’m rethinking it now – this too might even push me to make something so there would be something to blog about. Luckily I have a few projects pictured and ready for blogging as well.

The more I think of it the more I like the Idea.


I also added a few buttons to the sidebar about some projects or workalongs I’m on. Some of them didn’t have one so I might make them myself some time later.


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