3/31 – Something Swedish.

As I missed my first day of blogging after committing to the challenge I decided I will post the 31 posts of october as frequently as possible. That is I already know I cant finish by the end of the month so I want to take a look and see how long will it make for me to post 31 posts.

For about the yesterday’s post I remembered I can’t post the finished product just yet as it is indeed for the advent calendar I have mentioned earlier before. I actually managed to finish it. It was a bit tricky to get the details in place but overall I think it now works quite well. But as I said you will see it some time later – probably in December before Christmas.

In the meantime I will keep posting my other work that has been more or less ready. Here is my first attempt on Swedish weaving. I made it in our local Isetegija craft forum’s birthday party. There was a workshop led by the lovely Undukas. I was thinking about trying it on my own as I already had all the materials needed but as the opportunity opened I just had to take it. I was quite pleased about it and am surely buying more of these kind of towels. I probably don’t need so many of them on my own but I will be glad to make them to others as well.

Large part of my work is actually for someone else as I really enjoy making a personaised item thinking about someone in specific.

It’s nothing too complicated or flashy but good enough for the first attempt and as some may already know – I like the simple stuff.

Have you ever tried Swedish weaving?

Who do you usually make your handmade creations for?


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