Graduation Owlie.

This one is another project that I forgot to take pictures of before packing it in or giving it away. I made it for my brother when he graduated university in June. I like the simple shape of it although I altered it as the original pattern was kind ow weird for me. It asked for crocheting the top half (in green) then finishing off and making the bottom half (in brown) and then I should have sewn it all together. I didn’t see the point so I made it all in one piece. I like it!

I added the green tassel as I think this was their schools colour – on the logos, occur etc.

I asked my lil’ bro to take a pictures and so he sent me a couple. I quite like this as a birdie on a twig or smth. I can’t make anything like this in my place as I have no plants – had some herbs and tomatoes in the summer but those are out for now.

I also made it as a part of our local Isetegija craft forum challenge (see the banner that says “TK ÖÖKULL”). I have not quite understood why the owl theme is so popular lately but this one seemed kawaii enough to make. I used Bio-Baumwolle eco-cotton yarn and safety eyes. It feels so soft in hand and the fibrefill makes it so squishable.

What do you think of owls as so popular design element everyone seems to like lately?


7 thoughts on “Graduation Owlie.

    1. Thank you! (:
      Went over to see your blog – fascinating knit work. It takes ages for me to knit a pair of socks so I admire the work quite a lot.

    1. Thanks for the nice words! ^.^
      I took a look at your blog and just can’t turn my head away. Such adorable designs. Absolutely kawaii! Remarcable!

      1. Thanks for the note back! I am not very good with crochet but I hope I could get some easy crochet pattern from you! ^_^ I really love your little rabbits family. Just shared my FB page. Hope this great and give you big smile… ^_^


      2. I have only used free patterns from online or my own creations. If you take a look of some of the older posts you’ll surely find some easy patterns as well. Once you get the trick the rest is easy. The owl could be a really good start as it has fairly few details. Thank you for sharing the Rabbits family. It is really great to hear that someone else enjoys my work as well. Thanks again! ^.^

      3. You are very welcome! And, thank you for the note back. I am just a busy mom at the moment. So, I will try to update…. Hope you doing well and everything is great for you! ^_^ Best,

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