5/31 – Tiny White Totoro.

Here’s a tiny white Totoro. So small and kawaii, the pattern is from Ravelry. I used Bio-Baumwolle eco-cotton, safety eyes, fibrefill and small amounts of felt under the eyes. The eyes are 6mm so you can tell how tiny it is. I also added a chain for making it into a key holder/charm. I also gifted it away for Trump. It looked like she liked it a lot too! (:

I also made a huge blue totoro but that one is yet to be pictured. It’s so big that it won’t fit in my self made lightbox. I should show you guys that too, maybe even a DIY some day, what do you think? I wanted to make a grey Totoro as well but as the blue one is kind of big in its size in the relevance to the white one I don’t dare – it should be ginormous!

I have thought about making more keychains. What shape would you like to see?

I remembered another bunny commission as well – this time in purple as for one colour.


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