6/31 – Elk Head Trophy.

This is one thing I made last February. Again it was for my lil’ bro. He’s kind of a hunter so it seemed appropriate. It was also designed to be a key chain but as I used the shield-shaped back he decided to hang it on a wall.

I’m not into hunting animals or killing in other purposes as food (which would be essential for living and only normal thing to create a food chain). As much as I don’d like growing animals for killing but that’s yet another topic. Anywho I decided to make him this – a kind of trophy that actually looks more kawaii and less creepy. Which do you prefer – real animal trophies or amigurumi?

It’s once again made of Bio-Baumwolle organic cotton yarn. I really love it – so soft and easy to work with. I also have another kind of eco-cotton that is a bit finer and I like that one just as much. They just feel completely different than any other kind of yarns.

As the recipient got home with it my dad (also a hunter) wanted me to make more so he could give them away to his fellow huntsmen. So I did. None of them looks exactly the same but there is a theme. I shall post the others in another time.

The trophy could also be used as said a key chain, charm or maybe even a Christmas ornament – you can even add a little santa’s hat or the red nose as for Rudolph.

This one was made in 4 pieces – head, muzzle and two ears however I later worked the muzzle and head in one piece. Worked out pretty much the same.

I was actually quite surprised how well i had worked out.


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