10/31 – Something Old.

I found out I hadn’t posted these little critters here yet. Maybe it’s because they are kind of tiny and weird. I made them all in same sort of acrylic yarn for quite some time ago now. The yarn feels some different kind of soft maybe a bit like microfiber. I also used different kinds of wiggly eyes. This was the time when I didn’t even have any safety eyes as I have seen none in the local shops.

The blue one is some sort of elephant, the green one is a frog with a creepy smile and the peach one is perhaps a mischevous pig-girl. As you can see I attached the chains on all of them so you could hang them on keys etc. There really is nothing much I can say about them. That might also have been the reason for not posting sooner. These creatures just are and there really is nothing more about that.

Do you like them? Should I make more of them tiny weirdos?

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