11/31 – mad.

I’m not feeling great at the moment. I’m kind of pissed of at my collegue to be honest. This was not the first time and I have to deal with it or else others would suffer.

I felt like this would be the perfect day for posting this sad little Coraline doll. I’m not happy how she turned out for a couple of reasons and I’m not yet ready to change them. Perhaps this time will come too.

The yarns I used are Steinbach Wolle Capri (100% merised cotton) and Diktas Miya (also 100% merised cotton). Who has seen the cartoon will probably understand the button eyes (I would have chosen another kind but these were the only black ones I had – one thing that I’m not chuffed about). As to say I put too much hair on her head and the legs look kind of small and weird as well.

I think it’s OK to show my not-so-great work as well. Sometimes things just don’t add up. Thtat’s the reason I have a few WIP unfinished for a while as well. I don’t want to mess up with them instead for them to be near perfect.

Maybe I should continue making up my own patterns as following others may not result as would have pictured? I used to make amigurumies only from patterns when I first started but today I really feel I am capable of making my own (there has been success at least with some).

Do you show your ‘bad’ work to public sometimes? Do you prefer using patterns or making up your own?


4 thoughts on “11/31 – mad.

  1. I think she’s adorable!
    And as crafters, we are artists, and are usually way too hard on ourselves. We’re our worst critics! And think of those “not so great” pieces as learning experiences… We can only truly learn from our mistakes!
    Still, I think she’s adorable! She has character!

    1. Than you Tammy! You are probably right. I’m trying to understand the problems and therefore avoid them next time. This really is the way to learn. (:

  2. Aww the doll is so cute!
    I think you should try making your own patterns if you feel ready-you probably are! There are different things to learn from both your patterns and using others. And I think its good to show things we think are “bad” because usually we are our own worse critics and our work is great 🙂

    1. Thank you Millie! (:
      As the matter of fact I have already made my own patterns (ie the bunnies, the mermaid or the elk head trophy). I agree that you can learn in both ways making up or following patterns. At the beginning I couldn’t have imagined to make up some on my own, now it doesn’t seem so hard at all.
      I really am my own worst critic.

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