12/31 – drums!

Although some of the drums look kind of ‘chubby’ it’s one of the projects I’m most proud of. Probably because everithing that is not crochet here took me a long time to try, test, engineer and build up. It was a birthday present for an old friend who’s a drummer.

The green yarn is 100% acrylic, the white and grey are 100% cotton and the brown/beige and black are 100% organic cotton. The stands etc are made of toothpicks, superglue and hot glue – spray painted. In the stool and drums I also used some cardboard rounds to keep the surfaces flat. The drumsticks I also carved from toothpicks and spraypainted them red. The bottom piece is covered in felt. I took quite some time to put it all together. Although I’d like to have one of these my own I’m not yet ready to make another.

Maybe I should try making other kinds of musical instruments too?

Do you have any projects that you have made for someone else and then wanted it for your self as well? What did you do?


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