14/31 – Pulling the Ends Together.

I’m running out of finished and photographed ptojects to blog about. And I’m barely half way there as for the 31 posts. I still have some and some ready but not photographed and definitely some that just need to be finished first.

I’m feeling I’m taking a lot for myself to make. I usually just can’t say no to people if I know I could help. Also I love challenges so it is hard to resist one. Plus there are the projects I’m just making ’cause I want to. In the end the last ones suffer because I feel the pressure on finishing everything else first. What can I say – I’m a giver!

I should be saying ‘no’ to more commissions/challenges/charities but it takes quite a commitment. There are some workalongs in isetegija.net forum that I am/was tempted to participate but just keeping myself from saying the ‘yes’ word for them to count me in.

I also accidentaly offered a topic of making a project of recycled tees. I have made some previously but when the project actually started I was rather surprised cause it didn’t seem so popular at first place (there needs to be a certain amount of votes before a workalong can be started). There was time but I just pushed mine on. I managed to finish some preparations (tarn or t-shirt yarn) but not much more. There is a backup tiny thing I made though – another thing to photograph.

Missing the due-date for the workalong I myself offered was quite a wake-up call. From then on I’m trying to finish more and start less. It’s hard to resist but I’m getting it.

I think I’m not going to finish my Pinterest challenge this year.

Next year I’m going to put a lot more thought on projects before I decide wether to join or not.

Is crafting how you make your living? How you use your free time (after work) for crafting? Do you also like to challenge yourself and take part of all sorts of workalongs and challenges?

PS! I just discovered you might see a little preview image of a previously not seen amigurumi. Well, I first thought about posting one but then removed it. I guess the tiny peek that sneaked out there (the main page) is okay. Any guesses on that one?


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