15/31 – The Back-Up Project.

This is the one I was talking about earlier. It is the project that I made as a back-up for my own-led workalong. I did finish it in time but  somehow missed the date to post it. Discovered it just about twenty minutes too late. It is a trivet I made from one of my t-shirts. It actually took the whole thing minus the sleeves, collar and some tiny weird bits. I like it and it finds a great use.

I have been thinking about making more of them or perhaps a bigger one for my lasagna etc pan. It would be like a really massive doily or smth. I did discover you have to use a rather small pattern as it works up really-really fast. As the matter of fact the first two or three tries of this one were too big for holding just a pot as I imagined it. It fits perfectly for (I think) a 20cm diameter pan.

Yesterday I just had no feeling to blog. I guess it just happens sometimes. I took a couple of pictures of my projects but some still need prohtographing or rephotographing. I really have to push myself to work after a day-job. Although there is so many things I’d like to or should do then.

Maybe I should start making schedules?


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