16/31 – On the Local Scene and a Bit Further.

This is how it looks like outside my office. An autumn morning. Yellow leaves .. on top of a good 10-15cm snow! They warned us about it but I definitely didn’t axpect this! It doesen’t look like it’s going to melt very fast although it is not that cold outside. Would be neat if the same happened again that was a couple of years back – the heavy snow came and stayed until spring. That’s what I like – nice, fluffy, white snow! Although it’s not absolutely fluffy today it’s the perfect kind for making snowmen!

Only part that I don’t like is that until yesterday I cycled to work, now I have to use public transport. Not my favourite.

Yesterday I packed a commission. I think package should be at least as attractive as the piece in it. I even decorated the box inside but of course didn’t take any pictures. Here’s the outside:

Found another one of a packaging as well:

Both of the boxes are also handmade origami.

Sorry about the phone pictures.

I also gave yestarday a little time on a challenge/swap project. That was until I messed it up and had to unravel it. I didn’t feel like trying again in that point.

I should go and pick up an item but I’m not sure if I want to walk around at the moment. It looks like it’s getting wetter. We’ll have to see what it would look like at the end of the day.

Just saw this on FB – makes me want to go to New-Zeland. They say they’re making the whole country to look like Middle-Earth.



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