18/31 – It Has Been Ages.

And of course October is far over. To be honest when the deadline reached I was kind of unmotivated. After whichcame an unexpectedly busy week. I had so much planned during the time but i managed to do only so little. But I did make some progress. I was working on several, kind of secret, projects. I thought about blogging but then I remembered the last second that it might ruin the surprise.

Today I managed to finish a tutorial which still need some pictures to add though and you do have to wait a little more for the reveal. Oh, right – I should translate it into English as well then. (:

I also recieved my colour-sceme package swap – all green. It conteined an adorable pair of lace knit socks, super comfy (also laced) kint wrist warmers and a kinit lace shawl. The shawl is of a cotton/wool mossy-coloured yarn, the wrist warmers are dark green wool and the socks are made of wool/viscose green as grass. I absolutely love them but haven’t made any pictures just yet. It has simply been dark every evening I come from work. I’ll try my best shot in the weekend.

My blue package is ready and waits for shipping. I just have to make it to the post office. No pictures of it just yet of course.

Long story short – a lot of stuff I can’t really write a lot about or show any pictures. Pay attention and stay alert – they will come!



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