Yule Goat.

Here is another kind of a secret project I worked on. It was for a local craft forums Advent Calendar (no 14). The pattern is in Estonian but I could translate it if anyone would be interested. I shall write down some translations, perhaps they would help (or maybe just confuse a bit more):

vr – magic circle (as said)

ks – single crochet (US terminology)

as – chain

aass – slip stitch

(x) – number of stitches on the round

*…* – repeat from between

2ks ühte – 2 single crochet in one stitch (increase)

2ks kokku – single crochet 2 together (decrease)

ringi lõpuni – around

lisa täidis – add stuffing





There have been a couple of other things up but one I forgot to photograph before shipping it away and the other one is up and coming. I have lots of WIPs. I should try and finish more of them. I also got the first feedback about one of my patterns. There will be some referrings. Coming soon.



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