Knit owl.

This year I had been an online community member long enough to participate in a year-long work-along. Last year when I joined it had already started a few months ago and they didn’t let me join. I might have mentioned it and recalled my own little challenge but I didn’t finish it.

As well as I didn’t finish my Blogtoberfest. I missed the dates and later was a little bummed about it and just didn’t feel like blogging. I had my topics and thoughts but just couldn’t sit down and write.

There have been some happenings that I plan on covering, all of them.

First of all the work-along. Last year it was all different colours each month. This year it’s 12 different crafts:

1 – knitting

2 – crochet

3 – beading

4 – paper crafts

5 – two types of crafting combined (free of choice)

6 – weaving/braiding/pleating

7 – embroidery

8 – sewing

9 – painting/coloring

10 – carving/modelling/ceramics

11 – felting/shrinkage

12 – Christmas crafts

I feel this one is more of a challenge than the last year’s. That I could have crocheted 12 different amigurumies and that could have done perfectly but this year I have to try different kinds of crafts that of some I might have never done before. Tempting. I hope I won’t miss anything. After all all the themes are open and I could start planning and practicing right away.

I have not quite planned what I would do on every month but I’m considering using a certain theme that goes through all of them. Not sure how it would work out but we’ll see. First of all let’s hope I won’t miss a month! (:

I have also already participated in two more common work-alongs that last a month or two in general. One of which I joined because I planned on doing something like that for the year challenge but they said I can’t submit one work in several subjects. I have reconsidered the idea and am really hopeful about reaching it. It’s a rather large project.

Enough of the chit-chat on with what I wanted to write about. I am working on a knit project on  which I use a rather unusual type of yarn. I am a slow knitter and this makes it at least three times as slow. So I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss the first month of the challenge and grabbed a bunch of double-pointed needles and a nice chunky yarn.

I’m not sure why I made it an owl. I started thinking about while I was already working on it. I googled some knit plushies and an owl seemed a safe option form me to actually finish. I wasn’t sure about the result but in the end I’m quite pleased. There are some quirky spots but that’s OK.


I used Drops Ice and Steinbach Wolle Ahoi with some additional buttons and fiberfill. I used 5mm dp knitting needles.

What would you do on each month of this type of crafty year I’m on? Any guesses on what I might be on?


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