Naturally crochet lace collar.

One day when I was not quite with my stash but had about half a skein of Rowan Purelife organic cotton yarn in Oak Bark and a 2.75mm crochet hook. I decided I have to find a pattern that could be done with such limited supplies. Off I went googleing and found this rather  fun collar pattern by Lulu Loves.


If you look really closely you can see that the yarn has subtle colour variations from a little lighter to a little darker. On the picture they seem a little like shadows or texture but the yarn really is like that. I didn’t notice at first when I bought the yarn or used up the first part (it was in a pattern where it was hard to tell)  but I really like it.


I embellished it with a wooden button. I tryed crocheting one at first but that looked too gigantic and not very flattering.


As the pattern was really easy I recommend it for all of you. Even if you don’t crochet much. You only have to know three stitches to finish it and it takes really little time and effort. Also suitable for someone like me who just can’t keep themselves working on row after row in a blanket for example. I have made some but they take time as I have to take breaks or work on something else in between. 

I haven’t really had a chance wearing it yet but I’ll find an outfit to fit it soon enough.


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