Crochet Jewellery (WIP maybe).

One day I decided to try some crochet jewellery. I choose to start from a simple necklace. I bought a basic cord attached with a carbine. Iwanted to keep it simple and used the crocodile stitch to make this. I have been thinking on adding some beads maybe to the tips of the scales but haven’t decided just yet. At first I thought it was done (and it might be) but somehow I think it still needs something. I might go and find my bead stash and give it a try.

It’s just that I’m not into wearing the kinds of beads I see on this myself. Perhaps it’s not for me after all then. We’ll see. I’ll let you cnow if anything changes with it. For now it is as is and it might just stay this way. Maybe.

Would you add anything to it?


Juba päris mitu aega olen mõelnud ka heegeldatud ehteid teha. Seekord siis katsetasin kaelakeega. Ostsin ühe valmis kinnitusega paela ja asusin tööle. Tegin 7 nn krokodillisoomuse silmust ja arvasin et on valmis. Tundus täitsa hea, aga hiljem olen vaadanud, et midagi on nagu ikka puudu. Olen mõelnud helmeid, aga need ei oleks väga minu stiil, mida ma seal näen. Võib-olla tegin selle hoopis kellelegi teisele siis.

Võimalik, et proovin mingi päev neid helmeid, kui ma oma varud üles otsin. Annan teada, kui midagi peaks muutuma selle suhtes siin. Väga võimalik, et ta ikkagi jääb selliseks. Natuke ikkagi kahtlen.

Kas Sa muudaksid midagi selle juures? Lisaksid?


Pretty soon I probably have no school, no job, no problem, so to say. Perhaps I’ll find something or there will be just a little more time to crochet and create. (:


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