I Missed Whole the Spring.

So here we are in the middle of the summer and it almost feels like an early autumn.

Quite a lot has happened meanwhile. For example we changed our flat and have moved and I also have a new job. We have lived in the place for a few months now and I have worked the job just a bit longer than that – my test period just ended.

The move took a whole day but arranging all the things and settling in took a bit longer. It was a bit weird to get used to less than half of the size of our previous place but all has worked out and even the bikes have found their place and fitted in.

I now work on my specialty and it looks fine. We are having our beach month which means we are working outside, on the sand, by the sea for four whole weeks in July. It too is about to end for now, though.

I have quite an amount of pictures I want to show you and have been trying to figure out whether to post them all in one post or to do them individually. At the end I stayed with the latter as I tend to read the shorter posts first. I am not good at reading (takes me about three times to finish a page of an average book and remembering the plot). That’s also one of the reasons I like to break my text into sections – for me it is extremely hard to follow a post that’s just all in one piece.

Now I’ll do my best and try to remember which project came before another and show them all off. First are the potholders I made for myself back in the old flat. I already have the post written in most part but I’ll make some appropriate changes.


Kevad jäi vahele, suvi on käes, õue vaadates võiks isegi arvata, et varasügis.

Vahepeal kolisime ja mul on uus töö. Töötan nüüd oma eriala peal. Päris tore on. Hetkel tegutseme rannas, st majadest väljas terved neli nädalat juuli kuus. Praegu siis käsil viimane.

Päris palju on kogunenud pilte, mida tahaksin näidata, kuigi viimastel kuudel on tegemisi vähemaks jäänud. Võimalik et uus töö ja suvi on natuke asjaosalised.

Mõtlesin siin omaette, kas peaks tegema ühe megapostituse või pigem kõik eraldi, otsustasin siiski viimase kasuks. Mulle lihtsalt ei meeldi väga pikke asju korraga lugeda. Kirjutada võiksin pikalt, aga loetu peab minu jaoks olema lühike ja konkreetne. Üritan siis kuidagi kuldse kesktee leida.

Katsun pildid enam-vähem õiges kronoloogilises järjestuses üles saada. Päris täpselt ju ei mäleta ka. Esimesena tulevad igatahes pajalapid, mis ma endale veel vanas kohas elades tegin. Avastasin, et postitus peaaegu valmis, muudan seda ainult natuke ajakohasemaks.


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