I Won! ^.^

I won. I can’t believe it! The adorable Stephanie from All About Ami asked her followers to guess the number of blogs that were listed in the upcoming amigurumi Blog directory. My guess was 183 and I was mistaken by one – the correct answer would have been 184. There was apparently another one who guessed the same but I also won the draws. Yaay! I couldn’t be more happy! It’s the little things that make your day! 😉


My prize was the lovely B/2.25 mm Clover Amour crochet hook above here. I cant wait to try it out!  Thank you again Stephanie! 


And here is the full directory (click the picture). I have only gone through North America this far and there was just 3 blogs I had already been following. A lot of nice things there, take a look! Apparently I am the only one from Estonia. 

Here I thought I’d make a little addition to this post after one of the posts I found in Habitual Homebody blog i discovered from the list. 

Making: a fluffy unicorn! ^^
Cooking: fresh salat
Drinking: cold water 
Reading: all the blogs from the directory mentioned above
Wanting: to go for a swim
Looking: a bit boho
Playing: LOTRO
Wasting: I try not to
Sewing: nothing
Wishing: well
Enjoying: the little things
Waiting: for the evening
Liking: chocolate
Wondering: when are we going to have some customers at work again
Loving: what my hair is doing these days
Hoping: I’ll be carrying out more of my ideas
Marveling: how many talented people are out there
Needing: I have more than I need
Smelling: fresh air from the drafts
Wearing: maxi skirt, tank top and my Vagabond sandals
Following: my will
Noticing: “Not looking for trouble but the trouble’s looking for me” in Fatty Boom Boom by Die AntWoord
Knowing: I have to look through a bunch of photos I took in Finland
Thinking: how to share my time
Feeling: good
Bookmarking: amigurumies
Opening: Spotify 
Giggling: about all the nice things as I’m just feeling good today


Juhtus selline tĂ€iesti uskumatu lugu, et ma vĂ”itsin! Arvasin ĂŒsna tĂ€pselt, et All About Ami blogis loodavas amigurumi blogide nimistus on 183 aadressi, kuigi tegelikult oli seal neid 184. Minuga arvas keegi veel samamoodi, aga mina vĂ”itsin ka loosi tĂ”mbamise. Jee! Ma olen ĂŒks rÔÔmus tĂŒdruk praegu! ^.^

Auhinnaks saan ĂŒlemisel pildil oleva 2.25 mm Clover Amour heegelnĂ”ela. See on midagi head ja tĂ€pselt mulle! TĂ”enĂ€oliselt lĂ€heb aega enne kui selle kĂ€tte saan, kuna pakk tuleb Kanadast, aga eks see nĂ€ha ole kui asi kohal. 

Teisele pildile vajutades pÀÀseb ka nimekirja enda juurde. Seal on mida vaadata! Tuleb vÀlja, et olen seal Eestist ainuke. 

LĂ”ppu lisan veel ĂŒhe sellise rĂ€ndava blogi teema, mille leidsin nimekirjas olevast Habitual Homebody blogist. 

valmistan: ĂŒks kohev ĂŒkssarv! ^^
teen sĂŒĂŒa: vĂ€rske salat
joon: kĂŒlm vesi
loen: kĂ”iki neid blogisid ĂŒlalmainitud nimistus
tahan: ujuma minna
paistan: veits hipi
mÀngin: LOTRO
raiskan: ĂŒritan mitte
Ômblen: ei
soovi: kaev
naudin: vÀikesi asju
ootan: Ôhtut
meeldib: ĆĄokolaad
mÔtlen: millal meil tööl jÀlle kliente kÀima hakkab
armastan: mida mu juuksed viimasel ajal ette vÔtavad
loodan: et rohkem ideid saab ka teoks
imetlen: kui palju andekaid inimesi maailmas on
vajan: mul on rohkem kui vajan
nuusutan: vÀrsket tuuleiili
kannan: maksiseelik, top ja Vagabondi rihmikud
jÀrgin: oma tahet
mĂ€rkan: sĂ”nad “Not looking for trouble but the trouble’s looking for me” Die Antwoordi laulus Fatty Boom Boom 
tean: mul on vaja hunnik Soomes tehtud pilte lÀbi vaadata
mÔtlen: kuidas jagada oma aega
tunnen: hÀsti
mÀrgin Àra: amigurumid
avan: Spotify 
kihistan: igasugu asjade peale, sest mul on lihtsalt tÀna hea tuju


2 thoughts on “I Won! ^.^

  1. Congrats!
    I’ve spent my afternoon going through every blog on the list and following any I liked the look of. Discovered some great bloggers including you 🙂

    1. Thank you!
      I haven’t finished it just yet. I think I’m going to finish it later in the evening or perhaps even tomorrow. There really is a lot to go through.
      Thanks for following and liking my blog as well! I’m doing my best to keep it neat and active as well.
      I am already following you 🙂

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