I is for Ice Cream.

Hello again! Long time no see! As the matter of fact I was in school studying textile works for two years and I barely had time to do anything else. I’m also planning to show some of my work here too, I already have pictures taken of most of them for my portfolio that I had to assemble for my thesis defense. This much about the general future.

Coming back once again I have also decided to keep my English and Estonian sites separately. You can find the link to my new Estonian blog (https://hipikaktus.wordpress.com/) at the top right corner of your screen. Also if you happen to find yourself over there there’s a link back here on the exact same place of that page. I also changed the name of this one to Hipikaktus as well, the blog address would be the same as always but the name would be new, same in both languages. What do you think? Does it read as well in English as I think it could (hippie cactus)? All feedback is welcome!

I try to keep them both as similar as possible, hence the theme change, but there might be some occasional posts in one language only if I for some reason feel it would be irrelevant in one case or another.

First of all before coming back I was wondering where to start. After taking a look at my blog I realised I had an unfinished project going on here. Amigurumi alphabet, the stashbuster project. This means I am not allowed to buy any new yarns for it but I have to say amigurumis don’t really take that much either. I might have to come up with a next one some time later. Any ideas?

Anyways, here comes the ice cream. As I realised H was last and I is next and my notes said it’s  ice cream, in knew I had it already done. So I don’t really have that many details in my mind about it but I’ll do my best.


As much as I can remember, the cone/cup is made of cotton and milk protein fibre mix yarn and the cone is some strange strechy-fuzzy synthetic yarn. I believe I used either 1.75 or 2.23 mm hook and the cone is stuffed with fibrefill. The pattern I found is from Crochet Cake Sachets.

The next up is J, any ideas what it might be? I can at least say it’s edible (somewhat). Actually I have J and K both already finished so I already know the answer and this also means the next two posts will be here rather sooner than later.

Don’t miss out!

PS! Kes mõtleb, miks ainult inglise keeles, siis tegin eesti keelsete postituste jaoks eralid lehe:  https://hipikaktus.wordpress.com/,


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