17/31 – Giveaway to Be.






I thought I’d remind you and let all the new readers know, that I have a giveaway coming. I started it when I created my FB page and it will get done once it reaches 100 fans. One lucky fan will get a full-custom amiurumi for free. This means that once I have annouced the winner we’ll take a thought on the design and I’ll start making the piece. An awesome opportunity to get exactly what you want. I’ll work hard to get the recuested result.

The giveaway is international!


To win:

Like my Facebook page.

Share and invite more friends.

You can also share this post or use other ways in order to let people know.


Once the 100 fans is reached I will draw the lucky winner! 

68 down 32 more to go! (:


16/31 – On the Local Scene and a Bit Further.

This is how it looks like outside my office. An autumn morning. Yellow leaves .. on top of a good 10-15cm snow! They warned us about it but I definitely didn’t axpect this! It doesen’t look like it’s going to melt very fast although it is not that cold outside. Would be neat if the same happened again that was a couple of years back – the heavy snow came and stayed until spring. That’s what I like – nice, fluffy, white snow! Although it’s not absolutely fluffy today it’s the perfect kind for making snowmen!

Only part that I don’t like is that until yesterday I cycled to work, now I have to use public transport. Not my favourite.

Yesterday I packed a commission. I think package should be at least as attractive as the piece in it. I even decorated the box inside but of course didn’t take any pictures. Here’s the outside:

Found another one of a packaging as well:

Both of the boxes are also handmade origami.

Sorry about the phone pictures.

I also gave yestarday a little time on a challenge/swap project. That was until I messed it up and had to unravel it. I didn’t feel like trying again in that point.

I should go and pick up an item but I’m not sure if I want to walk around at the moment. It looks like it’s getting wetter. We’ll have to see what it would look like at the end of the day.

Just saw this on FB – makes me want to go to New-Zeland. They say they’re making the whole country to look like Middle-Earth.


15/31 – The Back-Up Project.

This is the one I was talking about earlier. It is the project that I made as a back-up for my own-led workalong. I did finish it in time but  somehow missed the date to post it. Discovered it just about twenty minutes too late. It is a trivet I made from one of my t-shirts. It actually took the whole thing minus the sleeves, collar and some tiny weird bits. I like it and it finds a great use.

I have been thinking about making more of them or perhaps a bigger one for my lasagna etc pan. It would be like a really massive doily or smth. I did discover you have to use a rather small pattern as it works up really-really fast. As the matter of fact the first two or three tries of this one were too big for holding just a pot as I imagined it. It fits perfectly for (I think) a 20cm diameter pan.

Yesterday I just had no feeling to blog. I guess it just happens sometimes. I took a couple of pictures of my projects but some still need prohtographing or rephotographing. I really have to push myself to work after a day-job. Although there is so many things I’d like to or should do then.

Maybe I should start making schedules?

14/31 – Pulling the Ends Together.

I’m running out of finished and photographed ptojects to blog about. And I’m barely half way there as for the 31 posts. I still have some and some ready but not photographed and definitely some that just need to be finished first.

I’m feeling I’m taking a lot for myself to make. I usually just can’t say no to people if I know I could help. Also I love challenges so it is hard to resist one. Plus there are the projects I’m just making ’cause I want to. In the end the last ones suffer because I feel the pressure on finishing everything else first. What can I say – I’m a giver!

I should be saying ‘no’ to more commissions/challenges/charities but it takes quite a commitment. There are some workalongs in isetegija.net forum that I am/was tempted to participate but just keeping myself from saying the ‘yes’ word for them to count me in.

I also accidentaly offered a topic of making a project of recycled tees. I have made some previously but when the project actually started I was rather surprised cause it didn’t seem so popular at first place (there needs to be a certain amount of votes before a workalong can be started). There was time but I just pushed mine on. I managed to finish some preparations (tarn or t-shirt yarn) but not much more. There is a backup tiny thing I made though – another thing to photograph.

Missing the due-date for the workalong I myself offered was quite a wake-up call. From then on I’m trying to finish more and start less. It’s hard to resist but I’m getting it.

I think I’m not going to finish my Pinterest challenge this year.

Next year I’m going to put a lot more thought on projects before I decide wether to join or not.

Is crafting how you make your living? How you use your free time (after work) for crafting? Do you also like to challenge yourself and take part of all sorts of workalongs and challenges?

PS! I just discovered you might see a little preview image of a previously not seen amigurumi. Well, I first thought about posting one but then removed it. I guess the tiny peek that sneaked out there (the main page) is okay. Any guesses on that one?

13/31 – A Pot of Flowers.

This is one of those patterns that I stepped on, saved it somewhere and one day just had to make. I didn’t follow the pattern just the day I discovered it (sometimes happens) but it stood there. Lately I have been wanting to make my own designs more although this one was finished quite a while ago. Maybe even in spring. Some patterns/designs just look so adorable that it makes me want the same kind of thing. Usually I try to make some specialities in there as to make it my own but as for this particular plant I almost accidentally used the originalish colour scheme as I used the yarns I had in my stash. The pattern is from Lion Brand but you have to register to see it (both the pattern and the registration are free).

I used 100% organic cotton yarns for the flowers, the yellow is 100% merised cotton and te leaves and ‘dirt’ just plain 100% cotton. The pot is 100% acrylic. The result was pretty much as I expected. I think every time I follow a pattern my expectations are pretty high. Not sure if the pattern was easy enough (to follow) or was it just pure luck – I ended up pretty much the same pot as on the picture I first looked at. Chuffed to bits about it!

I constantly remember or discover things I should make. I really hope the majority of them really gets done. It might take some time and effort but in the end I know I would be really pleased with myself if I manage to finish everything I plan.

As for the missed blog days it’s really going as I expected – not really active at weekends on that part. I am trying to stay off behind a computer as much as possible and the weekend let me do that a lot. It’s just a sporty interest for me to discover how many post I manage to make until the end of October (since 5th and not ‘pushing’ too much or making pointless posts). From then on I’ll see when I’ll finish my 31 posts that should have theoretically been fitted in one month. I’m looking forward to.

Last weekend I finished one tiny commission. It still needs capturing and possibly I will blog about it among some other similar makings which are all a follow-up to a previous design of mine. Any ideas?

Thought I’d remind you to also follow my blog and see if you like my Facebook page as well! 😉

12/31 – drums!

Although some of the drums look kind of ‘chubby’ it’s one of the projects I’m most proud of. Probably because everithing that is not crochet here took me a long time to try, test, engineer and build up. It was a birthday present for an old friend who’s a drummer.

The green yarn is 100% acrylic, the white and grey are 100% cotton and the brown/beige and black are 100% organic cotton. The stands etc are made of toothpicks, superglue and hot glue – spray painted. In the stool and drums I also used some cardboard rounds to keep the surfaces flat. The drumsticks I also carved from toothpicks and spraypainted them red. The bottom piece is covered in felt. I took quite some time to put it all together. Although I’d like to have one of these my own I’m not yet ready to make another.

Maybe I should try making other kinds of musical instruments too?

Do you have any projects that you have made for someone else and then wanted it for your self as well? What did you do?

11/31 – mad.

I’m not feeling great at the moment. I’m kind of pissed of at my collegue to be honest. This was not the first time and I have to deal with it or else others would suffer.

I felt like this would be the perfect day for posting this sad little Coraline doll. I’m not happy how she turned out for a couple of reasons and I’m not yet ready to change them. Perhaps this time will come too.

The yarns I used are Steinbach Wolle Capri (100% merised cotton) and Diktas Miya (also 100% merised cotton). Who has seen the cartoon will probably understand the button eyes (I would have chosen another kind but these were the only black ones I had – one thing that I’m not chuffed about). As to say I put too much hair on her head and the legs look kind of small and weird as well.

I think it’s OK to show my not-so-great work as well. Sometimes things just don’t add up. Thtat’s the reason I have a few WIP unfinished for a while as well. I don’t want to mess up with them instead for them to be near perfect.

Maybe I should continue making up my own patterns as following others may not result as would have pictured? I used to make amigurumies only from patterns when I first started but today I really feel I am capable of making my own (there has been success at least with some).

Do you show your ‘bad’ work to public sometimes? Do you prefer using patterns or making up your own?

10/31 – Something Old.

I found out I hadn’t posted these little critters here yet. Maybe it’s because they are kind of tiny and weird. I made them all in same sort of acrylic yarn for quite some time ago now. The yarn feels some different kind of soft maybe a bit like microfiber. I also used different kinds of wiggly eyes. This was the time when I didn’t even have any safety eyes as I have seen none in the local shops.

The blue one is some sort of elephant, the green one is a frog with a creepy smile and the peach one is perhaps a mischevous pig-girl. As you can see I attached the chains on all of them so you could hang them on keys etc. There really is nothing much I can say about them. That might also have been the reason for not posting sooner. These creatures just are and there really is nothing more about that.

Do you like them? Should I make more of them tiny weirdos?

PS! Don’t forget to check out my Facebook page. 😉

9/31 – a Little Mermaid.

Here it is. The other project I finshed during the sea-themed red-blue-white challenge. As usual I whipped up my own pattern. Let me know if you’d be interested in that as well.

The yarns are 100% cottn (some Indian, some organic and some just plain). I also used a couple of the wiggly eyes I had bought some time ago. I think I had never used them (maybe once). They looked fun but I just can’t find a place to put them so often. But that’s not so bad and I only have a few more pairs. I’m sure I’ll find a use for them in some time. As the eyes are glued on the doll is not suitable for small children who might want to eat them.

I know it actually is Monday already but sure somewhere (i.e. Hawaii) it’s still Sunday. Yesterday was just a busy day for me as I was  babysitting a 10-year-old and a 20-month-old since Saturday night. And last night after they had left a man called Felix Baumgartner decided to go to the edge of space and jump down to the Earth. I just’ couldn’t miss that. But well, excuses. We’ll see maybe I’ll post somehting else today.

Meanwhile I’m gathering some ideas for the various workalongs and swap’s I’m participating in. I also had a small commission for making a brooch. To be honest and give you guys a hint it kind of goes with the theme I’m thinking on putting up my next collection of amigurumies.

Also I’m sad cause I lost my brush for this signature seen here on the picture during the changing my HDD for a SSD. I thought I had it but it was the wrong one I didn’t like so much. I guess I’m going to have to try to make a new one.