M is for Macarons.

In this case (as for llama too) I had no difficulties picking out what to make. In no time I choose macarons as one of my favourite sweets. It was a really fun and fast making that takes very little yarn so you can use almost all the yarn ends.


I used really different yarns for this one. Some of them really were the last bits of the yarn. I used pima cotton, organic cotton and mercerized cotton, also a cotton-acrylic blend. I really love how soft pima cotton is and that organic cotton is almost as soft. The mercerized cotton is really different with a smoother look and a shinier finish and is a tad stiffer to touch. The acrylic blend yarn was one of the last bits of it as I’m looking for more natural fibres lately. Again I used my 2.25 mm hook and stuffed them with wool. The pattern is from Yarnspirations. I like making my own but I also love use others if they fit my vision – no need to invent another bicycle as they say!


Although you can’t see them from the pictures, I also attached ribbons to the macarons so one could use them as accessories on a bag or as a key chain or why not as a Christmas decoration. The ribbon can also be replaced with a chain.

As they really came up so fast I just couldn’t stop with one, they needed to be in different colours (flavours). Also pictures-wise one macaron wouldn’t have looked half as nice as this pastel rainbow here. This is also the project, that some may or may not have figured, that used the yarn selection and was on a sneak-peek picture on Instagram.

Would you like a macaron? Or a few? Which flavour would you choose? Would you use it as a key chain or some other decoration/accessory?



6/31 – Elk Head Trophy.

This is one thing I made last February. Again it was for my lil’ bro. He’s kind of a hunter so it seemed appropriate. It was also designed to be a key chain but as I used the shield-shaped back he decided to hang it on a wall.

I’m not into hunting animals or killing in other purposes as food (which would be essential for living and only normal thing to create a food chain). As much as I don’d like growing animals for killing but that’s yet another topic. Anywho I decided to make him this – a kind of trophy that actually looks more kawaii and less creepy. Which do you prefer – real animal trophies or amigurumi?

It’s once again made of Bio-Baumwolle organic cotton yarn. I really love it – so soft and easy to work with. I also have another kind of eco-cotton that is a bit finer and I like that one just as much. They just feel completely different than any other kind of yarns.

As the recipient got home with it my dad (also a hunter) wanted me to make more so he could give them away to his fellow huntsmen. So I did. None of them looks exactly the same but there is a theme. I shall post the others in another time.

The trophy could also be used as said a key chain, charm or maybe even a Christmas ornament – you can even add a little santa’s hat or the red nose as for Rudolph.

This one was made in 4 pieces – head, muzzle and two ears however I later worked the muzzle and head in one piece. Worked out pretty much the same.

I was actually quite surprised how well i had worked out.

5/31 – Tiny White Totoro.

Here’s a tiny white Totoro. So small and kawaii, the pattern is from Ravelry. I used Bio-Baumwolle eco-cotton, safety eyes, fibrefill and small amounts of felt under the eyes. The eyes are 6mm so you can tell how tiny it is. I also added a chain for making it into a key holder/charm. I also gifted it away for Trump. It looked like she liked it a lot too! (:

I also made a huge blue totoro but that one is yet to be pictured. It’s so big that it won’t fit in my self made lightbox. I should show you guys that too, maybe even a DIY some day, what do you think? I wanted to make a grey Totoro as well but as the blue one is kind of big in its size in the relevance to the white one I don’t dare – it should be ginormous!

I have thought about making more keychains. What shape would you like to see?

I remembered another bunny commission as well – this time in purple as for one colour.

Mini minion.

Since Despicable Me 2 is coming and I can’t seem to get over the trailer I thought it was time to create my own minion pattern.

Once again I wanted it to be as simple as possible an in this case – tiny as well. I made it using a 3mm crochet hook and it measures up about 6cm, the width is about 1,5 – 2cm.

I attached a key ring chain to it in order to make it usable as well.


You will need tiny amounts of yellow, blue, grey and black yarn + some filling and an eye or two. The key ring chain is optional.


Make your own Mini Minion like so:

1. Using yellow single crochet 6 into magic circle

2. single crochet 2 in all stitches around (12 st in total).

3. – 8. single crochet around (12)

9. single crochet around changing colours like this:  3 yellow, 1 blue, 1 yellow, 1 blue, 3 yellow, 1 blue, 1 yellow, 1 blue.

10  – 12. single crochet in blue around (12)

13. single crochet all stitches together around (6)

14. using black yarn single crochet around in back loops only (6)

finish off


Using yellow yarn chain 3 and finish off, make two like this.

Attach them as hands on the sides of the body (in the 1 yellow between the blues on row 9).  I only sew the hands from both ends so the middle part is kind of just floating.

Wrap a little black yarn around the bottom parts of the hands to make gloves.


Place the eye or eyes.

Chain long enough strip with grey yarn to fit around the eye and sew it in place. In case of two eyes make that double.

Chain long enough strip with black yarn to reach from one side of the goggle(s) to the other. Sew it in place.


TIP! If you don’t have such black and white wiggly eyes or anything similar you can use pieces of black and white felt instead!


Don’t forget to tuck all the tail ends inside!


Now you have made start with your own little minion army!



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