This is me.

Hullo all! I am the gal behind all these articles.

I like crafting, especially crochet and particularly amigurumi. Still I might post about origami, baking, cooking or who-knows-what every now and then. I’m doing it all as a hobby at evenings  after my day-job or in weekends. Lately I’m having hard time finding the time but hopefully it gets better soon. I’m always able to do something.

I’m starting to put down my own patterns now as I have been using all kinds of available patterns from the web a bit more than a year now. The basics of amigurumi is really simple and almost always the same.

I hope you like my creations and maybe even try to make some on your own relying on them. Maybe I can even attract more people towards amigurumi making in long term. I would really like to get to know other people with sorts of crafty minds to share the fun, patterns, inspirations – anything.

PS! My sidebar has some free link space.

All the best.



“A wizard is never late nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to.”


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