Pair of Wool & Dog Hair Socks.

Today I would like to share my knit socks that I did for school. Only rule was they had to have some sort of multi-coloured pattern in them. I had bought this gray yarn a little before and thought it’d be great gauge and feel for a pair of socks. By that time I had forgotten it had dog hair in it. Halfway through with the knitting I begun to think it was something odd as it had some dark and straight strands in it.

I didn’t want to make my socks too high as I am a slow knitter and I wanted to have time for other schoolwork as well. Partly as for the same reason but also because I like minimalistic and simple things I didn’t want to use many colours or patterns in general too.

In addition to grey, the blue yarn is a regular wool that I also had bought before and now found useful. I also had a yellow wool but it turned out to be too fine. It was much harder than I thought to find a suitable yellow for my project but I ended up with one merino that was similar enough.

kooliasjad (3)

Although at first I wanted to use a bit darker yellow I really like how it turned out and am quite happy with the shade. After washing the socks turned out extra fuzzy and soft as for the dog hair. Dog hair is also supposed to keep warm well so some extra bonus for that.

I tried out a new technique for the heel that turned out to be much easier than the one I was used to use but it also doesn’t create as much of an angle. Overall I don’t feel it influences the comfort of them. The increasing was also kind of new fro me and I can’t say I love the visible twirls but at least I got to try it and know better next time. That’s what school is for, right.

The yarn was 8/3 gauge (or similar) and I used 2 mm double pointed needles.

PS! The pictures only have one on them because I only had one finished by the time I was putting together the folder/album for the end of first school year. I finished the second one in school so I still managed to do it on time.


More About School.

So as you can see I didn’t post anything else about my school as I planned earlier. It was much busier and the long days (although flew by) exhausted me quite  a bit.

We had a lot of homework which is normal I guess if you only go to school every once in a while (our next session is 6 weeks from the first one).

I’ll now take pictures of some of the homework I have already managed to finish. First some embroidery examples.










Next are sewing samples. These are actually made in school with big and scary industrial sewing machines.




I think my embroideries are quite okay but this sewing thing takes some practice. Also apparently I picked a bit too fine fabric as it made my work even more difficult.

I’ll now try to picture my knitting samples. They are different types of casting on. I’m also mentioning that our maximum size for needles is set for 1.5mm. I have no idea how that would be good for practice. I’m a slow knitter an this size limit is no help!

Anyways, here they are, extremely shy and curling up so you probably can’t even tell what’s going on. They were actually all supposed to be white and red but I ran out of both. We’ll see if I’ll pass with my oh-so-wrong colours.




I have also made drawings and more theoretical stuff but that’s not so nice or interesting to share (not that my sewings or knittings are).


Mõned koolitööd siin. See pole kindlasti kõik, kuna osa veel tegemata ja osa liiga igav, et jagada.

Nagu näha pole õmblemine mu tugevamaid külgi. Väidetavalt oli mu kangas ka natuke liiga õhuke ja õrn sellise katsetöö jaoks.

Kudumid on ka imetillukesed ja rulli keerduvad. Need siis looduste näidised. Vahenditeks 8/2 lõng ja max 1.5 mm vardad. Kõik peaks veel olema ka valge ja punasega, a mul said mõlemad otsa. Eks näis, kas mu totaalselt nii valed värvid läbi ka lähevad.


A few weeks (maybe a month) ago my cousin asked me to make her daughter a hat. I had made one previously when she was practically a newborn (the one in the bottom middle here) but now there was need for another. She asked it to be an owl-shaped hat that would be half black, half pink (I took this photo practically in the dark under a lamp so it doesn’t really show correctly here and I don’t have the hat any more to try better it).

IMG_8194Another request of hers was that it had a lining so it would suit more for winter. I had this stretchy cotton fabric with floral print that I think suited just nicely. I used the yarn that I had for the first hat I made her – Katia Pima Cotton, an extremely soft 100% cotton yarn that I really like too. The hook I used was a 3.5 mm Clover Soft Touch. The beak is made of some other cotton yarn that I had just about enough left for it so of course I don’t have the label any more. Whites are made of acrylic, used this one first time here (although I bought it for another project). It’s called Red Heart Soft Baby Steps. It really is a rather soft fiber!

Next hat was also made as a request. Apparently it’s from a movie or TV series of some sorts. Colours were the  most important issue about this one. I even said to the guy who asked me to make this that I’m not really good at knitting and he replied that I can crochet it too, that would not be important.

IMG_8184After some research I decided to try and knit it anyway. I bought some Schachenmayr Cotton Time yarn and double pointed knitting needles suitable for the yarn (3.5mm) and started it off. It was kind of a challenge to myself. I tried to put as much time to it as I knew I would be slow but I managed to finish it much earlier than I thought.

IMG_8192I used to make pom-poms like this in kindergarten but hat to check online to remind myself exactly how. It was a little wonky at first but I got to even it up nicely.

I got to like the feel of this hat and wanted one for myself and wanted to make something light like this for myself as well. Apart from the ear flaps and the pom-pom. At first did try to crochet it but it still felt a bit bulky. I tried using a lacier patter but I didn’t really like the result either. So it happened – I voluntarily knit myself a hat.

IMG_8206I like the slouch and light feel of this hat. I had a long thought on the colours as well this is what I settled with. The yellow-green one is the same I used for my Great Firebreathing Dragon – Katia Degradé “Sun” 100% Egyptian cotton. This time the ombre effect finally really showed. I was thinking on using red for the currently gray line or red instead of the green on top but this is what I changed to in the last minute. I think this is how it’s supposed to come out this time. The gray one is Drops Muskat 100% cotton and the top green (a bit grayish) is a new 100% organic cotton yarn that I discovered for myself – Fibra Natura Cottonwood. The red I had a thought on was from the same line. I used the same needles as for the last hat here.

I added a pin I made at work one day, I think it suits just nicely.


Mõned mütsid, mis viimasel ajal valmidund. Esimene oli sugulase tellimus tema tütrele. Varem olin talle juba ühe teinud ka, kui ta oli veel pisem kui praegu (siin all reas keskmisel pildil). Nüüd siis neiu kasvanud ja vaja uut. Soov oli musta ja roosaga öökullimüts, millel oleks sees puuvillane vooder. Pilt natuke petab, kuna tegin selle sisuliselt pimedas, lambi all ja enam mul teda käepärast pole ka, et uuesti katsetada.

Lõngaks sobis sama, mida kasutasin ka eelmise mütsi juures, Katia Pima Cotton imepehme puuvill, millega on väga hea töötada. Oranž on ka puuvillane, ühe lõngakera viimane jääk, mille silti mul loomulikult enam alles ei ole. Seda valget kasutasin esimest korda (ostsin küll ühe teise projekti jaoks, mis ka pooleli juba), nimi tal Red Heart Soft Baby Steps. Akrüül, aga nagu nimigi ütleb, siis tõepoolest pehme. Konks oli 3.5 mm Clover Soft Touch selle töö juures.

Teine müts oli samuti tellimus. Kuuldavasti mingisugusest filmist või telesarjast. Kuigi hoiatasin ette, et ma pole väga osav kuduja, ja sain teada, et kuju ja värvid on kõige olulisemad, et võib ka heegeldada, otsustasin siiski end proovile panna ja vardad kätte võtta seekord.

Kasutasin Schachenmayr Cotton Time puuvillast lõnga ja 3.5 mm sukavardaid. Üritasin sellega võimalikult palju tegeleda, et ikka õigeks ajaks valmis sain, aga valmis sai ta oodatust palju varem. Nii ruttu, et otsustasin teise veel kududa – endale. Enne panin veel mütsile tuti ka külge. Alguses ei tulnud see karvapall hästi välja, kuna viimati sai  neid vist lasteaias tehtud, aga lõpuks tuli päris kena ja ümar.

Kuna mulle see müts kuidagi “istus”, tahtsin midagi sarnast endale ka. Aga no – teiste värvidega, ilma tuti ja kõrvaklappideta. (: Ta on selline mõnus pehme ja kerge. Proovisin esiti endale ka mütsi ikkagi heegeldada, aga otsustasin siiski kudumi kasuks, kuna heegelpind tundus ikkagi liiga paks ja raske hetkel. Proovisin ka õhulisemaid-pitsilisemaid mustreid, aga need ei sobinud ka hetkel. niisiis kudusingi endale mütsi. Tulemus on mõnus pehme ja kergelt lohvakas.

Värvide üle mõtlesin pikalt. Esimeseks valisin sama kollase-rohelise lõnga, millega tegin ka tuldsülgava draakoni Katia Degradé “Sun” 100% egiptuse puuvill. Seekord tuli ka värvide üleminek kenasti välja. Mõtlesin kasutada halli joone asemel punast või ülemise roheka tooni asemel punast, aga lõpptulemus on hoopis selline, nagu pildil näha – just selline, nagu ta seekord tulema pidi.

Hall lõng on 100% puuvillane Drops Muskat ning roheline Fibra Natura Cottonwood – uus orgaaniline puuvillalõng, mille enda jaoks avastanud. Kõnealune punane oleks olnud samast sarjast. Kokku kudusin nad samade 3.5 mm sukavarrastega, nagu eelmise mütsigi. Pärast esimest kandmiskorda sai müts ka endale viimase lihvi, väikse ümmarguse märgi.


Here are some things I have done and not posted yet. There are some more but they have already continued their journeys and I didn’t take any pictures of them. I’ll go ahead and try to say a word or two about what you can see here. Scroll down to see what I’m talking about. 😉

First are a couple of bunnies of my (I guess one of the favourite patterns). The greyish one is a bit fluffy and the other one is made from using milk protein yarn – feels so soft and looks oh-so shiny and delishious. I paired it up with a super soft Pima Cotton yarn and it looks like a perfect vanilla-chocolate bunny. Or milk and chocolate if you wish. 😉

The second one is a military-man figure I did for my brother while he was serving his time in the Estonian Defence Force. It even has the tricolour flag embroidered on its sleeve. ^_^ Crappy picture as you can see but I guess I did it in the last minute again and thtat’s how it goes. These sort of pictures are what keep me from blogging. I actually don’t want to show them.

Next are the first mittens I ever crocheted. Made from a rather soft wool. Embroidered on some protective symbols from Estonian etymology. It was made as an order to my brother who gave them as a present for a nice young lady. This picture is even made using my phone I believe. The pattern is from a local magazine – Maret (first number – February ’13).

The tie-dye shirts and coloured yarns are all made as a one night dyeing event. First time so I guess not so bad. I like how the blue one turned out although it’s not one of my favourite colours to wear. I also especially love the yarns. They have more colours at the beginning and then turn more lighter as you get towards the inside of the yarn ball.

I made this bag with buttons on the top with the pinkish-purplish yarn. It turned out great. You can’t really see the bottom part but it has the most colours there.

The two hats on the balloons were made for my little cousin. They had to be vibrant in order his mom to see him clearly when he runs around the yard. I believe the brim was also wished for and one especially had to be like one of those newspaper boys hats in the olden times.

The dog with a green bow was a gift for my ex-co-worker. She really wished for a dog but couldn’t have one so I made her this. She loved it! The pattern is from here.

The rainbow .. plush was a random test. Not sure what that really is. (:

Chocolate cake with mint cheese cream and silver sprinkles – yumm!

The multicoloured cat in the middle was supposed to be a bunny as well but I ran out of yarn in the middle of the last ear. What I did was frogged the tail and the one ear that was ready and did some smaller cat ears and used the spare yarn for the tail. Can’t really see it from here but it goes until the back of its head and is mostly pink!

Yellow snail shape and the other yellow set few pictures lower from it was an order for a newborn photo prop. My first try. Didn’t really manage to take any great pictures without a baby inside them.

The white and purple shape is hard to explain. It was an order and it’s kind of an inside joke. It’s called “The Mark of Shame”.

These hunting trophies I made – I have made a bunch of them after the first one you have probably seen. I also made a bear, wolf and a wild boar. This one here sits on a trivet I also made using some scraps of a chunky cotton yarn.

Purple and gold square piece on the right edge is part of a challenge mixing knit and crochet. I use it as a trivet for my tea pot.

The pink cat was one of my first amigurumi attempts. Didn’t find it posted here somehow.

Alaskan Malamute was for a giveaway winner on my Facebook page. The winner was my classmate from high school. As she has a malamute whom she loves dearly she wished for a key chain shaped like him. It very much reminded me of the dog from the cartoon The Adventures of Small Penguin Lolo which used to be one of my favourites as a kid.

The phone case I made when I bought my (not so) new (any more) phone. It’s supposed to be a sakura branch there. I think I have misplaced it cause I haven’t seen it for a long time now.

The yellow elephant is made from corn-fibre yarn. Super soft and comfortable to use! The pattern is from Stephanie of All About Ami who translated it to English. The original artist is the Japanese Chisachi Kushima.

The Hello Kitty hats I made first for my paintball team. It was  3-man competition so only three – for me and two of my team mates. After that I got some orders so I mad 3 more for other team mates and one smaller one for ones kid. I guess you can call them quite a hit! 😀

This pink roll is the second attempt to do some Swedish Weaving. The towel and its squares were a bit smaller than usually so it was more tricky than I first assumed.

Both of the cross-stitchings are made on some samples between magazines. I love all sorts of Japanese stuff and this kokeshi looked so adorable so I just had to make it. It was a card which I gifted to my friend Linda from college. I made some other small cross-stitch projects that I gifted away but don’t have any pictures of.

Then there is a tiny cosy for my iPod and a simple cell-phone cover for my work phone on my previous job. The four-leaf-clover in a pot was also on a table there.

The clock I really thought I had shown you. It’s for a challenge in Crafteroo Magazine. You could join and then they’d send you stuff to make something cool from. You had no idea what it was. This was my result. The clock is in use and looks as adorable as ever.

The green bear was part of a gift to my brother again. He has similar hat as the bear which I knit for him a little before.

This Tototro is a giant! I don’t even remember but I believe I used some 5mm hook here. It’s taller than 30cm/12inches. Sitting proudly on my sofa. I used this larger blue Totoro pattern.

The bunny with a red hat is an absolute luxury! She’s made from the milk-fibre yarn I mentioned earlier and a wool and silk blend yarn. Her arms and legs move and she sits up really nicely. Lovely! Used this pattern.

Grey owl was an example for my first amigurumi class. It was at my work for some kids. Used this simple pattern.

The owl below it is a rattle which I made for a newborn relative. It went along with the striped elf hat. The rattle was 100% organic cottons and the hat was super soft Pima Cotton again.

Origami Yoda was also a part of a challenge. It was supposed to be something made of paper. I can tell it’s him, can you?

The yellow-green bunny is again the same pattern as the ones on the first picture here but I tried putting the ears standing up high on the head. Looks definitely different. What do you think, is it worth it?

The bowl that the bunny sits in is again part of the challenge – something made of beads. I used Hama beads and put them in muffin tray in my oven. Ruined the tray a bit and didn’t like the result so much either. The Idea is from a Pin I had seen sometime. Hey – at least I tried.

Muffin cup cosy is from a pattern by Twinkie Chan. I don’t have a mug that it would fit and I really don’t buy anything with cups that often so I fitted it nicely on glass. Not sure I made it, really, but the pattern was free for 48 hrs so I  went for it. It looks quite cute, right? Does anyone want it?

I believe you have seen the bigger sister of this doll. This time I used some finer yarn and 100% organic yarns. I believe the hook was a 1.75mm. I gifted it for my little cousin for Christmas. She loved it and her mother too! I was delighted. ^_^

Then there is the first coaster I ever made. Just to try. It stands on a small table next to our sofa and I put my tea cup (my tiny 0.5 litre one) on it all the time. There is another one in the same pattern but different colours just hanging around as well. It also finds use from time to time. Now I remember I also made a whole 6-piece set for my mum as well. Pattern is from here.

Amigurumi octopus was a gift for my little cousin. His mom wanted it really colourfull and good to grab from.

The Smurf was also for the same little boy but they are made at least a year apart. There was also a Papa Smurf included and Smurfette is yet to come. That’s actually one of the latest pieces I have made. As the red-hatted bunny and the oliphant. Here are the patterns.

The fuzzy-lacy piece is a doily blanket. It’s so soft! It has no owner yet so let me know if you’re interested! (:

The red-gold square thing is another coaster. It has a cork piece inside because I needed a thicker one for my PC table otherwise it’s surface turned all weird under the hot cup. Can’t find the pattern I used for the top, if you do just let me know! In the bottom there’s a regular granny square.

You may recognize the Fluffy Unicorn from Despicable Me. The pattern is from Little Yarn Friends. I used some wool instead of the feathers and felted them in place with a felting needle. Every day it sits next to my Totoro.

Another bunny – this time purple with a peach ear.

Next is Nublu the Rescue Dog. It originates from a children’s book by Jaan Rannap but is now also a mascot for the Estonian Rescue Board. I made it when I worked there.

The Cupcake bear was a gift for a friend who graduated high school a few years ago. Don’t think I had posted it here somehow. Perhaps because of the poor quality of the pictures again.

And one more bunny – all purple, made as an order and gifted away.

I know I have for sure made some mittens-scarvers-hats etc that haven’t been caught on pictures or perhaps something else but I guess that’s how it is. If you have any questions about a specific item let me know and I might make a fuller post about it or them. ^_^


Panin siia kokku mõned asjad, mida te veel ilmselt näinud ei ole. Mõned on juba minu juurest edasi liikunud ka ilma pildistamata, seega see pole veel kõik. Üritan lühidalt ka iga asja kohta paar sõna siia kirja panna.

Esimesed jänkud juba ilmselt tuttava (võib vast öelda ka ühe mu lemmiku)mustri järgi tehtud. Hallikas on selline kergelt karvane, teine on tehtud imelisest piimalõngast – ülipehme ja kauni läikega. Paariliseks kasutasin seal kõrval Pima puuvilla, mis on samuti üks pehmemaid ja mõnusamaid lõngu, millega töötada. Kokku tuli selline ilus šokolaadi-vanilje (või siis piima) jänku.

Teine on sõdurpoiss, kes valmis mu väikevennale, kes parasjagu aega teenimas oli. Minu lemmik on sini-must-valge trikoloor tema käe peal, mis küll pildilt välja ei paista. Ülipisike, aga oluline detail. Pilt pole just parima kvaliteediga, aga ju tegin ta jälle viimasel hetkel. Koledad pildid on ka üks põhjus, miks alati blogida ei taha kõike.

Järgmised on minu elu esimesed heegeldatud käpikud. Peale tikitud kaitsvad arhailised sümbolid. Väikevenna esitas soovi, et teha kena jõulukink toredale neiule. See pilt on vist isegi telefoniga tehtud seega, ma parem ei hakka kommenteerima seda kohta. Muster on ajakirjast Maret (1. number, veebruar ’13).

Happesärgid ja värvitud lõngad valmisid kõik korraga. Esimese korra kohta käib küll. Kõige rohkem meeldib mulle, kuidas see sinine särk välja tuli, olgugi, et (hele)sinine pole mul lemmik värvide hulgast just. Samuti meeldivad väga need lõngad, mille otse keras ära värvisin. Alguses on neil rohkem värvi peal ja lõpu poole lähevad aina heledamaks, pea valgeks.

See nööpidega kotike on tehtud selle roosakama-lillakama lõngaga nendest. Mulle meeldib, kuidas ta välja tuli. Põhja poolt on ta veel värvilisem, kuigi siit pildilt eriti näha ei ole.

Kaks mütsi, millede modelliks on üks õhupall, tegin väikesele sugulasele. Olulised märksõnad olid erk värv, et ikka näha oleks ja silma paistaks väike tegelane igalt poolt, ning nokk. Teine, vähem erksam, kuigi seal on ka punast, mis jällegi pildilt väga välja ei paista, pidi olema selline sonimütsi moodi müts.

Rohelise lipsuga koera tegin endisele töökaaslasele sünnipäevakingiks. Ta tahtis omale väga koera, aga ei saanud omale seda võtta, nii siis tegingi talle selle. Muster on võetud siit.

Vikerkaarevärviline loom on lihtsalt üks katsetus. Ma isegi ei tea, mis asi ta täpselt on. (:

Šokolaadikook piparmüdikohupiima ja hõbedaste kaunistustega – mm, kui hea!

Värviline kass keskel pidi algselt olema järjekordne jänes, aga mul sai viimast tükki, teist kõrva, tehes lõng otsa. Harutasin siis need üles ja saba ka, tegin väiksemad kassikõrvad ja kasutasin ülejääki pikema saba heegeldamiseks. Täitsa korralik pikk kassisaba tuli, kuigi siit väga ta isegi ei paista. Põhivärv sabas on roosa, vähese kollase aktsendiga.

Kollane tigu meenutav kuju ja sealt veidi all pool olev kollane komplekt olid tellimus fotosessiooniks. Minu esimene katsetus. Ei saanud neist eriti häid pilte, kuna polnud beebit võtta, keda sinna sisse modelliks panna.

Seda lillade servadega valget kujundit on keeruline seletada. Natuke nagu “oma naljaga” on tegu, “häbi märgiks” nimetati seda.

Neid väikesi trofeesid olen teinud üsna mitu. Lisaks põtradele ka karu, hundi ja metssea. Siin pildil on veel tal üks kuumaalus ka, mille ma tegin, et kasutada ära veidi ülejäänud paksu puuvillast lõnga.

Lilla kullakarva ääristusega ruut on osa ühest väljakutsest, kus pidi valmistama midagi kahes tehnikas koos – heegeldades ja kududes. Kasutan seda teekannu all kuumaalusena.

Roosa kass oli mu üks esimesi amigurumi katsetusi, aga pole vist teda siiani näidanud.

Alaska malamuut oli mu Facebooki lehe kingijagamise mängu võitjale. Õnnelik võitja oli mu kunagine klassiõde Marie. Kuna tal on endal ka imearmas malamuut, soovis ta just tema kujulist võtmehoidjat. Mulle meenutas tulemus koera Lolo ja Pepe multifilmst. See oli kunagi mu lemmik!

Telefonikoti tegin, kui ostsin omale uue telefoni, mis enam nii väga uus polegi. Seal peaks olema kirsioks kujutatud. Ma isegi ei tea, kuhu see kotike mul jäänud on, pole teda ammu juba näinud. Kasutusel on märksa lihtsam heegeldatud kotike, must kollase äärega.

Kollane elevant on maisilõngast. Taaskord üks ülipehme ja mugav kasutada lõng. Mustri Sain Stephanie lehelt All About Ami, kes selle inglise keelde tõlkis. Originaali autor on jaapanlane Chisachi Kushima. Ta on mul selline beebi siin, kellel veel kihvasid ega midagi veel ei ole. (:

Hello Kitty mütsid tegin esmalt oma paintballi tiimile üheks võistluseks. See oli 3-liikmeliste võistlus seega müts mulle ja kahele kaaslasele ka kummalegi oma. Neid nähes tekkis ka teistel soov sarnase mütsi järele. Lisatellimustena tegin neid veel 3 järgmisele tiimikaslasele pluss veel ühe lapsele ka. Tundub, et päris popp teema sai neist kogemata. (:

See roosa rull oli minu teine rootsi põimingu katsetus. See räitke oli natuke väiksemate ruutudega kui tavaliselt, mis tegi asja tiba keerulisemaks, aga mis seal ikka. Seekord tuli selline. Materjal on mikrofiiber ja pehme.

Mõlemad ristpisted tööd siin on tehtud ajakirjade vahelt saadud näidistest. Kuna mull igasugune jaapani teema meeldib, siis ka see kokeshi pilt lausa kutsus. Valmis ta kaardina, mille kinkisin oma kallile kursaõele Lindale. Paar ristpiste tööd tegin veel, aga need on ka juba ära kingitud ja pilte ei paista taaskord olevat. :/

Siis on veel siin üks pisi-pisike ümbris mu iPodile ja lihtne sokike endisele töötelefonile. See neljaleheline ristikhein potis oli mul ka tolles kohas laua peal.

Kella ma tõesti arvasin, et olen siin näidanud. See oli Crafteroo ajakira väljakutse, millega ühinedes saadeti sulle pakk. Esialgu ei olnud teada, mis sealt tuleb. Alles pakki avades said teada, mis sind ees ootab. Minu tulemus siis selline. Kell on igati tubli ja töökas, käib kenasti, kui aeg-ajalt patareisid vahetada.

Roheline karu oli ka kink väikevennale. Temale endale olin mõniaeg varem sarnase mütsi kudunud, nagu siin karul peas.

See Totoro on üks hiigel-amigurumi. Ma pole päris kindel, aga pakun, et kasutasin umbes 5mm konksu. Ta on üle 30cm pikk. Istub mõnusasti mu diivaniserval. Mustrina kasutasin siit seda suurema sinise oma.

Punase mütsiga jänes on üks eriti peen tegelane. Ta on tehtud sellest samast piimakiu lõngast, mida ka varem mainisin ja ühest villa ja siidi segusest lõngast. Mõlemad nii mõnusalt pehmed ja luksusliku läikega. Tal on liikuvad käed-jalad ning ta oskab hästi istuda. Muster on see.

Halli öökulli tegin töö juurde amigurumi õpetuse näidiseks. Kasutasin seda lihtsat mustrit.

Selle all olev öökull on kõristi, mis valmis ühele vastsündinud sugulasele. Lõppkokkuvõttes läks ta koos selle triibulise mütsiga, mis pildi all servas. Kõristi on tehtud 100% orgaanilisest puuvillast nign müts mõnusast pehmest Pima puuvillast.

Origami Yoda oli jälle üks osa väljakutsest. Pidi olema midagi paberist valmistatut. Minu arust tuli välja küll. Päris ideaalne ei ole, aga ära tuntav igaljuhul. On ju?!

Rohekas-kollane jänku on jällegi minu tavapärase mustri järgi tehtud, kuid muutsin takõrvade asendit, katsetasin kikk-kõrvu. Välimus on üsna teine. Kuidas tundub, kas sobib nii ka?

Kauss, milles see jänes istub on samuti osa väljakutsest – midagi helmestest valmistet. Kasutasin Hama helmeid, ladusin nad muffini vormi ja pistsin ahju. Natuke rikkusin sellega oma vormi ära ja tulemus polnud ka päris ootuspärane. Ideed nägin kunagi kuskil Pinterestis. Noh, vähemalt proovisin.

Muffini.topsiümbris on Twinkie Chani mustri järgi. Mul pole ühtki kruusi, kuhu ta sobiks ja eriti tihti topsiga jooke ei osta ka, seega pidin ta klaasi ümber sobitama. Sinna istus üllatavalt hästi. Ma isegi ei tea, miks ma ta tegin, aga see muster oli 48h jooksul tasuta saadav, seega ma lihtsalt läksin vooluga kaasa. Üldiselt on ta ju päris tore. Keegi endale tahab?

Selle nuku suuremat õde peaks te olema näinud. Seekord kasutasin peenemat 100% orgaanilist puuvillast lõnga. Konks oli arvatavasti 1.75mm. Selle sai kingituseks väike täditütar. Nii temale kui ta emale paistis see väga meeldivat – minu heameel! ^_^

Järgmisena on näha üks tassialus, mu elu esimene. Tahtsin lithsalt proovida. Seisab igapäevaselt diivani kõrval lauakesel ja kasutan seda oma pisikese pooleliitrise teetassi all tihti. Tegin teise teistes toonides ka. Seegi vedeleb kuskil ning leiab aeg-ajalt kasutust. Lisaks meenub, et tegin neid emale veel terve 6se komplekti jõuludeks. Mustrit saab näha siin.

Amigurumi kaheksajalg oli kingitus tädipojale. Ema soov oli, et ta oleks eriti värviline ja mõnus käes hoida.

Smurf läks tollele samale kutile, kuigi valmis esimesest vähemalt aasta hiljem. Tõenäoliselt rohkemgi. Lisaks sellele valmis ka Papa Smurf ning Smurfiina on veel tulemas. See on tegelikult üks värskematest tegemistest siin. Nagu ka punamütsike-jänes ja elevants. Muster selline.

Karvane halli-vanaroosa värvi asi on pits-tekk. See on ülipehmest mõnusast lõngast. Hetkel seisab omanikuta, kui soovi, võib teada anda!

Punase-kullakarva ruut on veel üks tassialus. Sellel on veel korgist kiht sees, kuna vaja oli midagi eriti paksu. Mu arvutilaual on selline veider kate, mis kuuma tassi all kummaliseks läheb, õhuke alus ei olnud piisav. Ma ei leidnud praegu selle ruudu mustrit üles, kui keegi on näinud, andke teada! Tänud! (:

Fluffy Unicorn! Seda ükssarve on näinud kõik, kes on näinud multikat “Mina, supervaras”. Muster tuli lehelt Little Yarn Friends. Sulgede asemel kasutasin laka ja saba tegemiseks villaheiet ning paika sutskasin nad viltimisnõelaga. Tema istub tavaliselt Totoro kõrval mul.

Veel üks jänes – seekord lilla, virsikukarva kõrvaga.

Järgmine on päästekoer Nublu. Tegin selle, kui Päästeametis töötasin.

Muffin-karu oli kingitus sõbrale koolilõpetamise puhul. Mõned aastad vana on ta juba küll, aga postitanud vist seda siia ei ole. Tõenäoliselt põhjuseks jälle see kehv pilt.

Ja, üllatus-üllatus, veel üks jänes! Lilla, tellimustöö, ära kingitud.

Veel on kindlasti mõned sallid-kindad-mütsid, mille olen teinud ja ära kinkinud või kasutusse võtnud ilma pildistamata. Ja kindlasti midagi veel neile lisaks ka. Kui tekkis millegi kohta küsimusi või tahaks mõne asja kohta täpsemalt teada, andke teada. Ehk teen siis pikema postituse! (:

Knit owl.

This year I had been an online community member long enough to participate in a year-long work-along. Last year when I joined it had already started a few months ago and they didn’t let me join. I might have mentioned it and recalled my own little challenge but I didn’t finish it.

As well as I didn’t finish my Blogtoberfest. I missed the dates and later was a little bummed about it and just didn’t feel like blogging. I had my topics and thoughts but just couldn’t sit down and write.

There have been some happenings that I plan on covering, all of them.

First of all the work-along. Last year it was all different colours each month. This year it’s 12 different crafts:

1 – knitting

2 – crochet

3 – beading

4 – paper crafts

5 – two types of crafting combined (free of choice)

6 – weaving/braiding/pleating

7 – embroidery

8 – sewing

9 – painting/coloring

10 – carving/modelling/ceramics

11 – felting/shrinkage

12 – Christmas crafts

I feel this one is more of a challenge than the last year’s. That I could have crocheted 12 different amigurumies and that could have done perfectly but this year I have to try different kinds of crafts that of some I might have never done before. Tempting. I hope I won’t miss anything. After all all the themes are open and I could start planning and practicing right away.

I have not quite planned what I would do on every month but I’m considering using a certain theme that goes through all of them. Not sure how it would work out but we’ll see. First of all let’s hope I won’t miss a month! (:

I have also already participated in two more common work-alongs that last a month or two in general. One of which I joined because I planned on doing something like that for the year challenge but they said I can’t submit one work in several subjects. I have reconsidered the idea and am really hopeful about reaching it. It’s a rather large project.

Enough of the chit-chat on with what I wanted to write about. I am working on a knit project on  which I use a rather unusual type of yarn. I am a slow knitter and this makes it at least three times as slow. So I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss the first month of the challenge and grabbed a bunch of double-pointed needles and a nice chunky yarn.

I’m not sure why I made it an owl. I started thinking about while I was already working on it. I googled some knit plushies and an owl seemed a safe option form me to actually finish. I wasn’t sure about the result but in the end I’m quite pleased. There are some quirky spots but that’s OK.


I used Drops Ice and Steinbach Wolle Ahoi with some additional buttons and fiberfill. I used 5mm dp knitting needles.

What would you do on each month of this type of crafty year I’m on? Any guesses on what I might be on?